Fallout Shelter 修改器

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Fallout Shelter

17 功能

  • Unlimited Health
  • Super Speed
  • Max Electricity
  • Max Food
  • Max Water
  • Max Happiness
  • Max Stats
  • No Radiation
  • Instant Level Up
  • Max Storage Space
  • Unlimited Caps
  • Unlimited Nuka Cola
  • Unlimited RadAway
  • Unlimited StimPak
  • Freeze Lunch Boxes
  • No Rat Infestation
  • No RUSH Failure

我们的 Fallout Shelter 修改器拥有​​ 17 个功能并支持SteamWindows Store。在WeMod应用中使用这个修改器以及其他更多修改器!

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Aiden_Scott 16 9月
i love it, i can play as long as i want, once i get fallout shelters radio station, i can have sooooo many dwellers, thanks for free hacks We Mod
Uziel0 12 9月
i love it , since im usually bad at these games the mods help me get better and then when im feeling confident ill turn them off
first-aid 10 9月
This was a blast! I love satisfying myself through reigning supreme in Fallout Shelter! I couldn't have asked for a better experience!!
IndirectTree935 18 8月
Fallout shelter usually takes a ton of time to even get some mediocre weapons, and I can't bring the data from my ipad to my pc, so this was very helpful. Thank you that you gave a ton of people the opportunity to get whatever they wanted.
Jokyyr 10 8月
Although It need anti-raid/fire cheats, it's perfect and I haven't came across any bugs, and kinda understand how it works. Nice job STINGERR.
shadowreaper227 3 8月
not too bad actually however sadly due to fallout shelter being a slow game i got bored haha great mods however!!!!!!!!!!!
Brutalica 14 7月
Great cheat's. You will find yourself stuck for little bit's of time waiting to get more settler's into your bunker but made the game a little more enjoyable.
CapableBranch768 11 7月
I just wish there was a way to remove the money once it was there, because that was too much, 9.9999 million,there isnt any game play anymore.
Sage_Wise 5 7月
All the set effects are great when needed. Especially like the freeze box helps fill the vault with rare survivors. and find the Legendary survivors. As well as the find in box only attire.
CleverCheetah733 5 7月
i love it this is amazing but it would be better if you had other games like apex, fortnite, minecraft java and windows and The crew 2 so i can get unlimed money
KindBear326 14 6月
Easy to setup and use. Has plenty of options you can use to customize your gaming experience whether you want to play semi-legitimately or rape the game's mechanics with the handle of a wooden rake
MaximumSnake736 10 6月
Without even breaking the game, this app has taken fallout shelter from a bit of fun to something im binging. i was originally going to cancel after the 3 day free trial, but now i think ill keep with this app and try it with other games.
ModestOven654 4 6月
I have an idea! Why don't you make a cheat to unlock all rooms and get new dwellers in an instant? Keep up the great work!
AmpleDog572 18 5月
glad to finally be getting xbox achievements as i never understood just how many caps was needed to do everything it seems
MinimalWindow959 3 5月
This is very fun because I get to set up rps more easily without having to spend hours, also can you make a summon settler/grow up baby option because I don't feel like opening lunch boxes for 30 minutes.
PleasantTurkey916 1 5月
I got tired of always building up my vault just to leave it be after i got bored and coming back a month later with so much to do and repeating the process, with this i can just jump right to the fun part of building whatever my soul desires.
LeadingToad608 18 4月
SHEEEEEEEESH this mod is sooo great I hope you have a GREAT day I really cant thank you anuf(sorry i got dislexyu and cant find my phone)
FellowShark738 17 4月
Can you make it easier to activate the cheats i had to scroll down and up just to activate the cheat and the premium because the game is free
Lordsevan 16 4月
It is amazing however, the "No Rat Infestation" does not always work when I play. Other than that it is great. One thing that I might suggest that is related to "Super Speed" is exploring dwellers outside the vault.
x_X1 26 3月
I liked it a lot and it was fun testing things out. Also there was a bug in the exploits that would not let you lvl up a guy sometimes.