Phasmophobia 修改器

修改器和作弊 Steam


8 功能

  • Unlimited Sanity
  • Super Walking Speed
  • Super Running Speed
  • Disable Ghost
  • Unlimited Pictures
  • Unlimited Salt
  • Strong Flashlight
  • 无限金钱

我们的 Phasmophobia 修改器拥有​​ 8 个功能并支持Steam。在WeMod应用中使用这个修改器以及其他更多修改器!

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LuckyMoon174 22 10月
Great Job, I would love some more details about the "Disable Ghost" feature however. Does it deny ghost activity 100%? Can you activate it only during hunts? I'm still new to the game so I can't quite tell yet.
TropicalFog333 22 10月
Honestly a cool mod! I Just started playing Phasmophobia about a week ago, made it to level 60 just doing intermediate with one or two people. They told me about the mod, and I honestly have to say, it made the experience more enjoyable than it already was. Staying until nobody is left alive for the sake of good evidence can keep equipment at an awful low. Unlimited money keeps you in the game and hunting how you see fit! Love it!
SuperiorShirt416 13 9月
would love to see more features but for what it is now it is great with the unlimited money which if very usefull especially playing with friends, not having to worry about the stress of buying the right things for the job
AbyssalGreed 25 8月
Very well done mods! The only thing that I found confusing was the 'Disable Ghost' mod which didn't seem to work (which I am assuming is an overlook on my part) and would love if there could be some kind of simple description for each toggle. I would love to see more mods added in the future for phasmophobia!
CreativeSnake568 5 8月
It makes playing a lot easier because you can buy everything you need with unlimited money and It is easier to do the big maps like the high school, prison, and asylum with the super running and walking speed.
SweetToad157 27 7月
keep up the good work dude make a mod for team fortress that only works for training with bots and make it so we can ad bots in phasmophobia when i a duo match but even if you dontdo this request for both keep up the amazing work
SimpleBear951 26 7月
Phasmaphobia is such a fun game, and it's a pain in the ass to accumulate enough money to consistently stock (time has taught me if I don't usually nobody will) items to be able to collect all the evidence necessary. The unlimited money cheat is bussin. <3
mifam93 23 7月
thanks for fixing up the add ons i did one map with the ghost disabled in order to get everything into the house i then turn off the disabled ghost and watch as the ghost did its round and in the end i got the type of ghost right so thanks again
Sky13021 13 7月
its the best hack ever I love this so much the other ones needs injectors while injectors are broken this is a no injector hack thank you so much and i suggest you to make a CS GO version! but thanks!!
MyersMichael 25 6月
Iam not using this as cheats This app just seems to make singleplayer games more enjoyable, since you can do funny crap like bunjeejumping in dying light etc. Very good app, youre doing great job, keep it up! :)
Jaymario64 19 6月
I only used some of the cheats but not all of them, but the ones i did use did work and the ones i didn't use i don't know except for unlimited salt did not work at all but again as for everything else except for the ones like super running speed, strong flashlight, and unlimited pictures i am not sure about because i didn't try them but excellent job not the less
ClassicStone338 31 5月
Mod works extremely well. The only aspect that does not work is the Disable Ghost feature, but that is perfectly fine because unless you are trying to hard hack the game, you won't need it. Everything else works 100%. Aside from the broken feature, 5 stars from me.
unlogic101 20 5月
Pretty fun, not doing this in public servers so I don't get banned or something. My friend showed me it and helped me get it, and I really enjoyed it. Infinite money is awesome, now I don't have to worry about dying since I always add everything. Although it's a bit annoying to turn off, since I can't just close wemod, I really hope more comes. Maybe like show ghost room, xray, revive, teleportation, flying, etc. I also hate how the show ghost doesn't work or something.
ArtisticPlate174 14 5月
This hack is very very very good. I hate this game so much when I walk it's very slow, so this hack is good for me. I turn on a super running speed and i don't scare Revenant anymore. Thank you for a nice program. :)
InstantSpoon565 2 5月
I like the setup, it works well. I would just say it's a little barebones. I'd add some more features such as various ESP's. Some troll features would be much appreciated, like various interactions after death, the ability to change the ghost name, possibly even Ouija Board shenanigans, etc. But overall it does what it says it can do on the tin without hassle.
ItzWollly 23 4月
awesome 10/10 recommend just a fun way to play phasmophobia or any games you like or play.No viruses or any damage to computer or anything and an amazing experience but id like on phasmophobia to have a key that can make the ghost hunt auto maticly. but thanks for this fun way to play any game on steam :) 10/10 recommend!!....
Requiem1210 17 3月
grateful that the codes were finally updated. Thank you. just one thing I notice that the "super flashlight" no longer applies to the shoulder light that defaults when you switch to another item in your hand. Unsure if this was deliberate, but I do remember being able to hit T to enable the shoulder flashlight's radius when holding something else.
Requiem1210 1 3月
fast walking is something that should have been in the game already. Thank you! The flashlight is a godsend for the large maps. I love the "disable ghost" code for when I'm feeling a bit cowardish. There are times though, I wish there was a code which made the ghost ignore you when it started hunting so you could get those darn photo quests. :D
ClassicRabbit738 19 2月
I love playing Phasmophobia! Especially with my friends. I noticed that the characters of the game have already a flashlight their shoulder, yet we players are forced to carry a flashlight separate from the one on our shoulder. Maybe if there could possibly be a way to get the flashlight on our shoulders to work would be amazing! Other than that, wemod is doing a lovely job!
EpicShoe911 15 2月
Developer, whoever you are, thank you for making these mods. I have tried making trainers before and got way over my head. It's nice to know there are people out there who have the skill and generosity to make the modding community better.