Cyberpunk 2077 修改器

修改器和作弊 Steam, GOG, 和 Epic Games

Cyberpunk 2077

32 功能

  • 无限生命值
  • 无限生命
  • Unlimited RAM
  • 隐身模式
  • Edit Max Carrying Weight
  • 设定移动速度
  • 超级跳
  • 无限双跳
  • Skills Instant Cooldown
  • 无需装填
  • 超级精准度
  • 无后座力
  • 一击必杀
  • Damage Multiplier
  • Freeze Breach Protocol Timer
  • 设置游戏速度
  • 无限物品/弹药
  • 项目不会减少
  • 无限手雷
  • 设置金钱
  • Unlimited Components
  • Unlimited Quickhack Components
  • 无限XP
  • 经验值倍数:
  • Unlimited Street Cred
  • Street Cred Multiplier
  • Max Skill Progression
  • Skill Progression Multiplier
  • Edit Attribute Points
  • Edit Perk Points
  • Edit Player Level
  • Edit Street Cred Level

我们的 Cyberpunk 2077 修改器拥有​​ 32 个功能并支持Steam, GOG, 和 Epic Games。在WeMod应用中使用这个修改器以及其他更多修改器!

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ScootMcNairy 11 8月
It all worked well. However it seems that the Unlimited Stamina also gave my opponents unlimited stamina too so in the training section at the start of a new save I had to toggle it off in order to break the training dummy's block.
Sarahfox89 29 7月
got cyberpunk at launch and put over 400 hours into it first month. Wemod has changed the dynamic of the game in the best ways being able to make my own new game plus and do fun expiriments around the map without worry of dying or losing anything
OriginalBean102 20 7月
I enjoyed using this, it worked fine and it helped a lot, the whole point of the game is the survive off scrap and any gig or a job that'll get you a decent payout but I can do that on another save file but these mods helped me around with money and mostly everything I wanted to do in an open world futuristic game.
MovingPickle395 20 6月
Thanks for creating this mod! Playing the game for a second time and one thing I found super tedious was levelling up and this mod makes it so easy to level up without handing everything to you on a platter (although you can do that too which is super amazing). Great mod and super useful! Thanks so much for making it!
ElasticWomen 14 4月
Stealth mode is fantastic, I would maybe only change the movement increase modifier key from Alt to something else, Alt is the default key to change weapons, so it sometimes screws with movement speed when opening the weapon wheel. overall really helpful though
Daenyuil 9 4月
Works good for me, sometimes i get a wierd glitch..your carrying too much weight when Im not carrying harly anything but i just went back to a earlier save and went from there, not sure if you have to set up wemod every single time you play the game or it saves it ?
ViableMachine728 21 3月
Great seamless mod, please continue with updates! Really brings out the best in the game to be able to play it how I want to. Thanks so much for all your hard work and dedication. I'm a casual gamer and this WeMod truly allows me to casually play a modded game without having to have "loads" of work worrying every time they post an update. Simply don't have the time to find an error in a modlist 30+ mods long (I'm looking at you Arma). I've done the Nexus stuff for some games, but having a one size fits all platform for mods is super convienient!
zalthor_bloodaxe 8 3月
I love WeMod. The person who did the work on Cyberpunk 2077 has given us a load of options which help me get the very best from the game. As per all the games I've played using WeMod it's nothing short of brilliant. Thank you very much guys and girls.
OrganicThunder158 7 3月
Hey guys, thanks so much for your efforts on your mod/trainer software. I don't have a lot of free time to play games anymore, but it's nice to have the option to run in God mode when I do so I can complete the game. So thanks again guys.!
SerratedAlarm51 7 3月
so far wemod is working mostly flawless. the credit card i used did flag the site as a risk and put a hold on the payment. only issues i've had is it crashed cyberpunk a couple times and some games it takes a while for wemod to switch from play to playing.
SonofOrion 24 2月
It runs well. The other side of the coin, Bitdefender flagged malware was detected when I ran it. It would never start. It was constantly flagged, even though I believe I added exceptions correctly. So I had to literally delete my anti-virus to use We Mod. Can you pass this info along? Cheers.
MagicalSeal324 21 2月
This is a pretty awesome set of cheats! If I was a trifling individual though, it would be nice if the the developer assumed the client had a non-numpad keyboard. But that's literally nothing compared to the quality of these codes, A++++++++.
Soulshroude 19 2月
Just because they got hacked and the source code was stolen, just because the gaming community likes to complain a lot about how the game is unfinished and too buggy, doesn't mean that it's a bad game. The game runs great for me on ultra and I'm using a GTX 1070. I give the game 4/5 stars and am waiting eagerly for the 1.2 patch to come out as well as the first DLC. I'm hoping that 6th Attribute will be unlocked sometime soon as well as new character creation features like long hair and trench coats are added to make the game feel more like its predecessor, Shadowrun.
Azshara2915 18 2月
pretty smooth running, just wish the unlimited items and ammo were separate so that the inventory isnt so cluttered with bs. the updates have definitely improved compatibility and ease of access. a lot less crashes and glitches in game as well. :D
Thank you for helping me love games no matter the style or difficulty. (Looking at you: Dark Souls) I'm not playing games for challenges or some sense of self-reward. I'm here for fun and good stories. Thank you for making that happen.
ManManGuy10 17 2月
I played the game two or three more times but I didn't want the fun to end and thanks to you guys it didn't have to, so thanks for all the work you put into this trainer and all the other trainers that help new players learn the mechanics of the game and help experiences players get a few more hours of joy and exploring.
Xoxiss 11 2月
Thank You! for all the great Mods you make, its this reason i pay for subscription, awesome work on all mods i have used so far, a lot of options on most Mods, so i don't feel like i am playing in GOD mode :) Keep up the great work.
Sandman3826 3 2月
For years, I made my own trainers with cheat engine. They took a long time to develop and test for just one game. Now with WeMod, I have instant access to a plethora of trainers right at my fingertips. WeMod allows me to play my games, my way, without the needless hassle.
NovelProse58 1 2月
I can't say enough positive things about this amazing game! Flaws? A few. Glitches? No more than Far Cry 5. Unlimited playability? For years! Originality? The O.G. O.G. Everyone who worked on this game deserves a raise, a vacation, and a crisp high-five! Keep on rocking it, and we can't wait for more content!
serverlatency 30 1月
It just works.™ After your new character count starts reaching triple digits, the tedium of grinding gets.. old. This trainer takes away all of the boring and lets me have fun my way. It allows me to overlook a lot of balance and system changes that will be coming in later patches, for the time being, and get as much enjoyment as I want out of the title. FLiNG is a breath of fresh air for this title, and I hope CDPR takes notes.