Hearts of Iron IV 修改器

修改器和作弊 Steam

Hearts of Iron IV

24 功能

  • Unlimited Command Power
  • Unlimited Convoy
  • Super Factories Limit
  • Fast National Focus
  • 快速科技研究
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Super Production
  • Unlimited Organization
  • Unlimited Fuel
  • 无敌模式
  • 快速建造建筑
  • 快速移动
  • Unlimited Stored Supplies
  • Unlimited Air Exp
  • Unlimited Navy Exp
  • Unlimited Army Exp
  • Unlimited Nukes
  • Unlimited ManPower
  • Unlimited Political Power
  • No World Tension
  • 无限的稳定度
  • Low Occupation Resistance
  • Instant War Goal
  • 快速部队征召

我们的 Hearts of Iron IV 修改器拥有​​ 24 个功能并支持Steam。在WeMod应用中使用这个修改器以及其他更多修改器!

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SleepingShirt438 15 9月
I was doin ironman mode and the game glitched some how without This mod a 10 hours of my life would been went for waste Thanks.
AtomicFlame121 7 7月
Very good application overall, design etc... and incredible job just MAKING this application, love ya :D, playing hoi4 was fantastic. I played on a not so so good computer and it did not do so i lagged more, 11/10 KEEEP up the good work man!!!
TheGamingRex 28 5月
great just great (also side track i would want to talk about Anno 1800 it stopped asking me for reviews and i just want to say that i want to have unlimited resources but the game thinks i can still add to it for the new docklands DLC so yea just wanted to point that out) but aside from that your doing great you should also do no world tension and max world tension.
FellowPurpose429 5 5月
I am amazed, when i first heard of this app i thought that it was a scam. Boi was i wrong, works amazingly on almost every game i play, made my life much easier...
WombatScat 4 5月
I love it! I just wonder if these cheats are any different than the console commands. The console commands allow the AI to have the same cheats as the player.
DoubleM2001 5 4月
A thank you to the developer and author of the cheats as well as to the creators of the WeMod itself. Having everything organized into a single application with a beautiful ( and improved ) UI combined with a wide-range of games available to mod makes this app a 5/5. Thank you WeMod team and keep it coming.
TypicalFrog506 22 3月
not perfect, but pretty good. I suggest looking at military factories again, as they tend to try to revert to what you would normally have every couple in game hours. also maybe add an infinite supply line or minimum attrition sort of thing. if this is already what the unlimited stored supplies is, then maybe look at it again as when i have it on i still have low supply and attrition issues regarding low supply.
jamewells 20 3月
Thanks WeMod Developer for making my day better, I am so bored until found WeMod I do not need to write down many words to explain because my happy did it.
TR71777 10 3月
everything worked except unlimited man power it keeps saying low man power when its supposed to be unlimited needs fixing please thanks
devinweber1995 2 3月
Dude, thank you so much, these mods can make the game faster or make you a god its amazing. thank you so much and keep up the AWESOME work
HumbleYam87 22 2月
Super Factories Limit has problem. We can't create spy branch because civilian factories always occupied with something.Please Fix this issue dev thanks
IdealTwig275 20 2月
Thank you very much for this cheat,im from mongolia and it was very weak during the WW2 but using this cheat i conquered every major countries and it was so much fun THANK YOU ;))
MightyTomato286 18 2月
This new version of WeMod make the Hearts of Iron 4 trainer working properly again, now i can use all of the cheats without any error, just use this version of wemod, this is the best version i ever use since the last broken update
StunningSeal115 18 2月
Thanks to the Developer, I have to write something "Thumbs Up" in order to play my game! Wonderful. Thank you Developers! You are just the best human s....
XameliousRex 17 2月
Im glad WEMODis a thing im good at the game but sometimes its just fun to see all of the other nations takeover the world or just change timelines alittle lol :D
Olblindman 14 2月
thanks to the developer. as someone that is limited on time with work its nice to have a boost to my gaming experience from time to time.
anle34224 12 2月
The only thing I dislike about this is the remap of keybinds, I was used to the old one, now I have to get used to this new one, but all else are completely fine.
Hearts of Iron IV can be an extremely difficult game to enjoy do to the complexity and challenging gameplay even on the easiest difficulty. I appreciate the work done on these cheats so that it can be fun no matter what, because that's what a game is supposed to be: fun.
Holouka 8 2月
thank you i love this because it lets me either test possibilities that would normally take more time in a game or just relax and cheat away and watch my enemies suffer.
Landin2025 6 2月
It was great everthing worked fine but when a new day came the game would freeze then go back to normal and it happen everday so it makes it hard to play sometimes