Fallout 4 修改器

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Fallout 4

17 功能

  • 无限生命
  • AP无限
  • 无核辐射
  • Freeze Settlement Size
  • Super Speed
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • No Reload
  • No Recoil
  • 飞行模式
  • 无限道具
  • 无限负重
  • 无限瓶盖
  • 撬锁别针不会断
  • 无限属性点
  • 超级经验值
  • 简单黑入终端设备
  • Free Crafting

我们的 Fallout 4 修改器拥有​​ 17 个功能并支持SteamWindows Store。在WeMod应用中使用这个修改器以及其他更多修改器!

115,626 个WeMod用户玩过这个游戏。


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Mar 21, 2021
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
Mar 21, 2021
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7


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StaticButton766 9 7月
No problems, everything works just fine. I wish there would be a way to add all craft materials with just one click.
FlyingShoes 24 6月
Thx Developer. STRG-F5 also removes WEIGHT problems. Very nice actually since i never have to go back to that damn settlement to clear inventory.
Psykokud 23 5月
Mods worked on the Windows Store version, you do need to click play on the Fallout 4 launcher quickly otherwise it will not connect to wemod properly. Make sure options are set to your liking before launching
yotjh18 9 5月
awesome mate thanks for he cheat love to come backand just have funn around it the game perfect cheat thanks agian for uploading them
MannyCAM2001 9 5月
Love it!! But we could use a "one shot kill" in this game if possible. Thank you for the mod though.
AmbitiousMitten34 19 4月
Fallout4-wemodded is simple, relevant, and does everything except play the game for you. I used a few toggles, enough to get on my feet. Works better than expected!
drakkor 13 3月
A bit confusing to use, but they works. Although at some point I had "no reload", even without using the cheat. So probably another cheat enabled that one as well ?...
SevenQTC 11 3月
fun times man. I'm a working dad so I enjoy being able to easily explore games and story lines without actually having to grind for levels.
LiquidCheese424 5 3月
I have tried and failed to commit to a full run through of this game several times now. Seeing that i can play around with cheats a bit has encouraged me to give it another shot. Thanks bruv ;)
Rameth 26 2月
This mod is great especially if you are returning and have lost your complete save where your lvl 673 and maxed to the brim i wish to see more mods like this on more games they are really great. Thank you.
ModestDog172 22 2月
have always enjoyed wemod and the trainers on here work wonderfully especially this one without it idk that i would play the game still since i have beaten so many times already but between mods and this trainer for fallout 4 it works out great
swordfish1uk 21 2月
Game plays very well with just a couple of snags like a cheat would be great to be able to walk through a door that will not unlock.
nutsuc 20 2月
only reason i use this is for the settlement size since i cant find a good mod on nexus that does this, also unlimited weight and unlimited ammo are a nice bonus :)
steelyglint 19 2月
Thank Vault Tec for the WeMod Fallout 4 trainer, without which my character would be weaker, poorer, less experienced, and almost continually deceased. Sometimes it really is more fun being a god. .
OriginXSeeker 18 2月
Thank you! Having a hard time trying to find a certain amount of item in this game. This trainer have solve that problems. Hoping the trainer will still improve with duplication item freeze when it got more than 2 of the same items.
AmpleBee792 18 2月
yea it was good worked well but flying is weird and i personaly think it is not great (the flying) as it just teleports you up so can you make the flying no clip flying not teleported flying in the air thanks
Crusader_Reborn 17 2月
amazing fun for finally playing fallout 4 on PC after years playing the basic game on console being able to get the x-01 power armour right at the start was just amazing for joining the brother hood of steel
KindPencil20 17 2月
Awesome cheats, always good when you play through it the 400th time. The only thing that i would like additionally would be the ability to craft items and not only bases without needing the items...so many mods to use hehe
VirtualBottle853 17 2月
Thanks for supporting me by making this mod, i nave a collector habbit in fallout where i collect everything
iTzMrKermit 12 2月
I mean there is console commands but this just makes it easier to use and I can see everything on my other monitor, which is nice! lol