Dawn of Man 修改器

修改器和作弊 Steam

Dawn of Man

13 功能

  • 喝老多水
  • Unlimited Nutrition
  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Temperature
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Unlimited Rest
  • 无限士气
  • Unlimited Knowledge
  • Unlimited Bank Resources
  • Unlimited Selected Mineables
  • Unlimited Houses Condition
  • Free Trade
  • Easy Construction

我们的 Dawn of Man 修改器拥有​​ 13 个功能并支持Steam。在WeMod应用中使用这个修改器以及其他更多修改器!

52,138 个WeMod用户玩过这个游戏。


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LogicalPig489 7 9月
makes game a little simple. you don't have to use all cheats.
FamousPuppy387 17 6月
it worked but it crashed when i closed a gate that wasnt built
Pibble2002 14 6月
Works great, and many more options than another trainer brand I sometimes use!
lsagers 5 5月
This service honestly makes most of my games a million times more fun.
Silvertora 11 4月
This is great - only problem I have is that every knife in the camp disappeared and when I try to create more they just disappear as well - strange - tks
WereWulf87 5 4月
Simply the best ever! When you just wanna be a God in a game this is the best choice to do it!
dickinacielingfan 28 3月
Such a fun game, I love prehistoric settings and they're so seldom used.
ZaDaddy 18 3月
I read the discussion section, was worried. Wonderful job, don't understand what ever one else was saying, its not working. everything works. thanks for the update
Gaussek 7 3月
Awesome mod. Only issue FreeTrade does not work for me. Toggles but then immediately untoggles. ALSO If you can make a way to add person to tribe more often (on demand) that would be sooooooo cool.
An0nym0u5e 5 3月
Great mod, one issues keeps arising however. When i enable the free trade it toggles on but does not apply. I tested every other sub mod within this and they all work perfectly. Great mod otherwise
HiddenScorpion388 3 3月
Free trade mod does not work for some reason (get the audio cue but thats it)
R3TR0G4M3R 28 2月
epic cheats, but can you put some info on the free trade, I'm a little confused on how to use that...
KindCrayon584 24 2月
Great Table although the free trade doesnt work it real helps.
dodgerman20001 21 2月
don't like the idea you taken away cheats just to profitteer
Riz0815 20 2月
Awesome! The "Free trade" is not working though and the "Easy Construction" has a bug that makes anything made unaccountable so you'll have to save and reload your game with that cheat deactivated.
laxdave612 20 2月
Thank you love playing this with WeMod, however free trade cheat is broken.
ToxicGrass876 20 2月
I like the trainer, but something weird is happening. The villagers produce immoderate quantities of tools and weapons but I don't see them equipping any nor do they carry out tasks requiring those tools and weapons. They also produce clothing in enormous amounts, but I don't see this clothing in storage; also, I know they don't have the resources to make that many. The rest is fine, especially Easy Construction which comes as a great relief. I also greatly appreciated Unlimited Rest/Morale/Knowledge/Bank Resources/Mineables. As for Unlimited Houses Condition, it's a blessing. Thank you.
cbunce322 13 2月
Thank you for the mod. WeMod is and excellent program you and you people are great at what you do.
ZaDaddy 11 2月
Most mods work, with the exception of *Free Trade and *Easy Construction. while they construct the building for free, they're unable to use the build, such as tool tents, drying racks, ect.
Zein91 11 2月
the only issue is the free trader key doesnt work. but all is well