Medieval Dynasty 修改器

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Medieval Dynasty

10 功能

  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Unlimited Food
  • Unlimited Water
  • No Dirtiness
  • Unlimited Durability
  • Add 1000 Selected Item
  • Add 10 Selected Item
  • Super Max Weight
  • Set Game Speed

我们的 Medieval Dynasty 修改器拥有​​ 10 个功能并支持SteamGOG。在WeMod应用中使用这个修改器以及其他更多修改器!

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ArtisticChalk840 24 8月
Awesome job with the trainer! I have a lifetime sub to another trainer provider but they can't seem to get this game down and your trainer worked flawlessly. I am contemplating subbing up at WeMod because of it!
PoliteBear783 9 8月
made some aspects of the game much more fun. love that coins only go 100+/50+ instead of 1000+, encourages you to trade more and not cheat too much. would love to be able to experiment with building limit but that seems complex because its tied to quests and dynasty points. instant marriage and babies would be interesting. So would an "upgrade all houses" but that would be incredibly complex.
5kiz 16 7月
Since the update the commands work so much more smoother and are much easier to notice in game without any negative side effects like it crashing. Keep up the good work guys!
WittyChalk364 6 7月
Thank you for a great trainer. Thanks to WeMod I am able to play this game the way I want to play it! I am so grateful for this trainer which saves me lots of time which I can now spend doing the things I want to do.
InnerPumpkin714 29 6月
Was nice to be able to rush the gameplay a bit, because being a mom. I have really no time to spend on the game, this helps speed things up a bit so I can get involved in the game in the 30 minutes I get to play weekly :)
Brekkik 18 6月
Thank you very much. I'm currently testing your trainer with v6.0.0. I'll post if any issues arise. So far, so good though! Oh, any chance you could add a freeze time cheat sometime? I made my own with another program, but I'd much rather just have all my cheats in one place and I much prefer WeMod. It's all good if you don't get around to it though! Thanks again!
WittyChalk364 13 6月
Excellent! Thank you so much Dev. Thanks to you I am the King of the Land. I am so grateful to you for enabling me to play the game the way I want to play... the way intended for me. Thanks to you, I have no fear of wolves, bears and other nasties!
CaptOdee 11 6月
There are times when the Add Item and other features stop working properly. Restarting game fixes it most of the time, so I am guessing it has something to do with the Save File or AutoSave
Brekkik 2 6月
Love the Set Game Speed option, especially when I have a lot to craft. Super Max Weight can also be handy, but activating it causes the UI to disappear. Talking to an NPC will fix that though, so not a huge deal. Just be careful where you use it!
Madmark910 20 5月
Very nice process. I have played Rust and in my opinion this is much better than Rust. Please continue to make more content for this game as it is a work in progress. Thank you.
Eivaar 18 5月
Great trainer mate. I only needed it for speeding up time but I played with the other features and it works brilliantly, even on newest testive branch
IdealPumpkin13 17 5月
you guys did a great job but is there anyway you can update the super weight system I can't run as much I like too and also i it anyway you can put a lvl system in place which allow player to level their skills?
WytchDoktor 2 5月
After recent update, everything still mostly works. The durability is a bit wonky, but that's all I noticed so far. Thanks again for this! - 2nd May, 2021.
RandomKarma 1 5月
mod still work just that most of them you have to do somethings to activate them ex: super wright i just dropped a item i had then i got super weight to activate
BoldOnion857 16 3月
Thanks as always for your trainers! The 10x/1000x multiply item cheat doesn't seem to work for anything but the first item in your inventory anymore but the rest works like a charm!
FrozenLaptop503 14 3月
The game speed mod was a lifesaver having to travel in normal time between towns was a drag but with the speed mod it made it alot faster and let me have more fun.
CutieKiller69 11 3月
It was fun being able to multiply my inventory items. I wish I could just click on the map to teleport, even if teleport is similar to Skyrim's. But overall a great Mod!
GentleSky952 19 2月
This MOD is great! Performs all actions, especially after the most recent update with no hiccups. Would love to see a way to lessen the length of days w/o having to start over.
ToxicGrass876 17 2月
It's a wonderful trainer. I love it. I would love it even more if the Medieval Dynasty trainer included a way to increase the number of buildings one can build to 42 or 50. Thanks for a great addon to my game library :)
WittyChalk364 13 2月
Thank you so much for a great app. This makes games so much enjoyable to play! I can play games the way I want to play them. I couldn't do without WeMod!