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下载 Windows 平台下载 85 MB
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Timberborn 修改器

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下载 Windows 平台下载 85 MB
支持的平台 Steam · 85mb
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我们的 Timberborn 修改器拥有​​ 4 个功能并支持Steam。在WeMod应用中使用这个修改器以及其他更多修改器!

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Win 11, Win 10, Win 8.1, Win 7

我们的 Timberborn 修改器拥有​​ 4 个功能并支持Steam。在WeMod应用中使用这个修改器以及其他更多修改器!


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Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
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Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7


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FamousOnion1313 2 2月
Unlimited Science is the only one I use. The first 2 prevent the beavers from having babies, which leads to everyone dying of old age by Cycle six or seven. Easy Build crashes the game if you have a District Crossings building anywhere that needs to be built and is being worked on.
Nan_F 1 2月
Thanks Dev, for the cheats so that I don't panic when shorts of materials.
PsF 21 1月
well done as always but needs an update. thanks all
CleverLeaf385 19 1月
Nice work mate! Appreciate the effort to make this!
technogeek1990 22 12月
keep up the great work,and anyways to control tree growth or food?
DesiredChicken800 16 11月
good but using perfect needs causes game to crash
IndirectBird233 29 6月
I used the gog version with steam and it worked like a dream.
Shezza1854 8 2月
As with Skyrim, the mods work like a charm. Keep it up!
MobileThunder976 30 6月
thank you for the hard work for making the trainer too awesome
EmiiRinn 20 1月
i like building games so i use this to built crazy things without the struggle of actually having to build it
ConcreteFog154 4 1月
Much appreciated, it makes map testing so much easier
calebbb 28 10月
my first time playing Timberborn with this it was nice
DioSudeyo1140 25 10月
ty for the trainers in my opinion using trainers so that the game more enjoyable
CleverRabbit261 22 10月
Thanks so much - everything worked fine during at least 4 hours of gameplay.
CentralChalk999 16 10月
Mod worked perfectly, much easier to build massive-a*se dams ^_^
RelativeSky811 4 10月
Worked beautifully. Thank you guys for everything you do. It is appreciated.
ringomoon01 2 10月
excellent work. just a quick note to others who think trainers are not right, my son has learning difficulties, for of dyslexia, these trainers allow him to enjoy the games more than he would normally be able to, I think they are great asset to people with disabilities, so please keep the great work you are doing, seeing as the games devs don't take this into consideration. again thankyou.
Fenlamour 1 10月
Worked wonderfully, all though some descriptions of what each setting does would of been a better help than just spamming the button to see exactly what it does i know the thrid option makes building instant but the second is either not working or it is and i cant tell what it does fully
AmpleKangaroo772 30 9月
Wemod really helped with this game, it was way too hard before and this gave me an easier time. Thanks!
barkytron 27 9月
good it would be nice if you added more cheat options though

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