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19 Optionen

  • Unbegrenzte Gesundheit
  • Unbegrenzte Ausdauer
  • Stable Temperature
  • Unbegrenzter Sauerstoff
  • Kein Hunger
  • No Thirst
  • Set Day Time
  • Super Geschwindigkeit
  • Fly Mode
  • Gravity
  • Set Jump Height
  • Flying Speed
  • Unlimited Weight
  • Unlimited Durability
  • Unendlich Items
  • Easy Craft
  • Viele Erfahrungspunkte
  • Set Total Talent Points
  • Set Total Tech Points

Unser ICARUS Trainer hat over 19 Cheats und unterstützt Steam. Du kannst in diesem Spiel cheaten und mehr mit der WeMod App!

42.022 WeMod Mitglieder spielen dieses Spiel.

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Demo-Videovorschau Gameplay Video
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7

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DarthMord 23 Jan
Trainer works great with the latest update to Icarus. Plenty of options. The only way I can see to improve it would be to allow setting the HP so you don't die from massive damage from certain creatures that do 300+ damage per hit.
ClassicalCorn446 14 Jan
Thanks for putting this together. It has made the game more enjoyable. I like how modular everything is, this way I can remove the one or two things that annoy me about the game and just enjoy it.
DestinedTurkey282 14 Jan
some things dont work like the mega exp and the unlimited weight but other than that it was awesome to enjoy and have fun messing around with it
StunningDeer711 8 Jan
Great Update! moving Day Time was brilliant. The Easy Craft is just smooth and amazing. Thank You Mr Antifun; you have been King of the trainer for as long as I've known of trainers (15+ yrs)
ConstantMask443 5 Jan
Great mod. It's made Icarus playable for me and other casual players. I would request that Unlimited Durability apply if possible to structures.
TSW-W1LD3 2 Jan
this mod program is brilliant even whilst on free version, i do intend to go pro thanks to the amazing experience ive had as a free member
Maxwell83 27 Dez
TY it works grate and helps out a lot ther is a little bet of a bug in the unlimed items it can make items change form trees to stone to fiber but all other ones works grate ty again
lordcrowler 24 Dez
Verry useful to level up and try different build.Thanks to this mod i was able after some hours of testing to find the best build for exotics runs. Next step for me is to find a fight build.I wish you all a verry nice and warm Merry Christmass!
DeathAngelV 22 Dez
Thank you for helping make my games so much more fun and interesting. Keep up the great work. Have a Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year.
RegularSheep829 18 Dez
experimenting with different builds. so helpful to just skip some of the leveling in outpost mode so i can try out different stuff. also nice to do photos and some video content
XM855 17 Dez
icarus is amazing. if you like open world survival crafting games, this is by far one of the best ones ever. icarus has one of the best art styles of any game i have ever played. it is unique and everything about the game is really great
CoderSal 15 Dez
This app is by far the perfect trainer I have EVER used. I love the iOS/Android app integration & the PC Overlay! Awesome job devs! No more messing around with hex files for me!
WiseBean469 14 Dez
Thanks guys for designing this program, it shortens game time to allow me to see the whole game faster so I can go back and play the games as designed. It's not cheating, it's investigating the game using shortcuts. ;)
Noxtis 8 Dez
Love the mods add thank you but if u ever have time i would like to have a option for unlimited skill points as i play solo and need a little boost for farming. Even you u dont i still love the game and will always be thankful for the mods
ParallelExpert468 7 Dez
Once again Wemod put together a great set of tools to learn a new game. When your unfamilar with it, it alows you to learn how to play and survive with out constantly dying all day. Good Job, Bonesvet
Fartex 7 Dez
struggeled a bit with a certain mission, kept dying in there, but thanks to the super speed, getting my stuff back wasnt that big of a deal :D
CheerfulShoe76 6 Dez
This trainer works flawlessly. I've experienced no issues with solo play. The trainer does not work in Multiplayer, but that was aligned in the info, so it's not a big deal. Great job on the trainer!
StunningFish484 5 Dez
saved me a lot of stress and made the sandbox mode actually feel like a sandbox mode but dont be a jerk, turn off the cheats when your playing online its common courtesy
WittyChalk364 5 Dez
It was absolutely fantastic! Thanks to WeMod I was able to play a game I could not have played without WeMod! I thoroughly enjoyed this trainer and was able to progress a lot in my game thanks to WeMod!
ODKW_SatenKnight 4 Dez
Great Work! Love you work and dedication :) I will try to Go PRO or Donate to as soon as I can :c **Unlimited Crafting Items sometimes doesn't work in Workstations Wish there be a Unlimited Tech point & Talent Point or a Add Tech & Talent Points
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