PC Building Simulator 修改器

修改器和作弊 Steam, Epic Games, 和 GOG

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PC Building Simulator

6 功能

  • Edit Money
  • Reward Multiplier
  • Instant Install Apps
  • Instant Clean Dust
  • Instant Complete 3DMark
  • 无限经验

我们的 PC Building Simulator 修改器拥有​​ 6 个功能并支持Steam, Epic Games, 和 GOG。在WeMod应用中使用这个修改器以及其他更多修改器!

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Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7



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SuperLion587 16 4月
THANK YOU! Gots lots of money and bought parts and was awesome! Also instant complete 3DMark was awesome!!!!
LostPencil222 7 8月
Works flawlessly! Long time user of your mods and never have been disappointed. Keep it up!
SonicXgamesYT 2 8月
It was awesome. I was able to give myself a "little" boost in the career mode and I had a blast using this. THANK YOU SO MUCH WEMOD!!!!
XiX_Mega_W 17 7月
this is a great cheating tool for having more fun. thanks for making this.
PrimaryOwl401 23 6月
Appreciate you taking the time to do this! makes my laziness even better!
Default1 21 4月
Can unlock the new items with the higher level cap without needing to play for hours after taking a 3 year break. Awesome.
SleepingWave320 21 3月
hi it works now i just had to change keybinds thanks alot works great
Gendrix 29 1月
It's quite nice to be able to expedite some of the more monotonous tasks the game asks to do. So thank you for providing that. I believe the IT expansion could use some of your handy work. Cheers!
PinkiPrim 27 1月
The mods work absolutely fine. Enjoyed my time playing it! Thank you
Tyman1013 5 1月
Very helpful to get my original save game back in business. I went bankrupt, and the money mod saved me from certain disaster.
florp 18 12月
The new mods were great! I was able to level up to level 9 easy by fixing only 6 pcs which is not that bad considering fixing 46, and thanks to that, because since I was level 9 I unlock pc bay and I'm able to sell pcs on there,then I use unlimited EXP to go all the way to max level. Thank You for updating the mods!
IcyZipper415 31 10月
hellothanks to wemod i usw it avery time i play my games i cood not plade my games any better with out wemod thanks
EpicBranch948 10 10月
I like the whole idea of this! i hope that it can support more games in the future :)
bagazz 6 7月
it works on so many different games constant updates i whole heartedly recommend
Anon616d4c58c907a 1 7月
Thank you SO much for these trainers! I'd felt a bit limited in the game due to a lack of funds and insufficient XP to do higher level jobs. Now, those aren't challenges anymore and I was even able to buy the shop outright on my first day. As I work in an IT related job, it's nice to get more interesting job offers for more complex tasks. :)
ShoyuRamen2020 30 5月
Awesome job with this trainer! Simple but effective cheats that don't crash the game. Thank you!
Prisioner1231 6 5月
it's great. but please can you add more things for pc building simulator?
ZeusBane 8 3月
This is like free mode but you have more options to complete actual projects. Much more theraputic!
Mangapc 19 2月
Thanks. Can you add more options to the cheats like 5 stars or something? I think that would make it even better,
SacredWindow771 19 2月