Dishonored 2 修改器

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Dishonored 2

11 功能

  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Mana
  • 无限氧气
  • Invisibility
  • Custom Jump Height
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • 一击必杀
  • Unlimited Health Potions
  • Unlimited Mana Potions
  • Unlimited Runes
  • Unlimited Coins

我们的 Dishonored 2 修改器拥有​​ 11 个功能并支持SteamWindows Store。在WeMod应用中使用这个修改器以及其他更多修改器!

78,896 个WeMod用户玩过这个游戏。

这些作弊是我们 Xbox Game Pass 收录的一部分。


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PridePhantom44 22 9月
Just like in the first Dishonored game, this trainer allows me to have unlimited... well, everything! I just wish the trainer had an unlimited Blink distance cheat like the one for DH1 did. 10/10
SolarDog394 14 9月
fun as hell with unlimited mana, i miss the cheat from dishonored 1 where there was no limit to how far you could blink, but I still enjoy playing.
HelpfulDust475 23 8月
Very injoyable and effective as the "invisable" cheat is... strange as it makes bodies unseen and noises unheard but cool af either way.
EqualLeaf863 29 7月
It was really fun. It wasnt laggy and playing with a different style from the beginning makes the game more fun
AbsoluteSeal660 25 7月
After beating the game a couple times normally this really is a great way to go back through and mess around the entire time. Thank you for your work
DestinedTomato637 18 6月
it's great when there's a safe and reliable source for trainers that you could download without any limitation in service.
PrimeLion 11 6月
Very good for allowing the Novice/new player to gain familiarity with the game before spending hours of time frustrating over how to develop and use abilities, or how to find the items to obtain such abilities. The game actually becomes more interesting to play, and allows developing player abilities and skills in a personally pleasing way. More interest, fun, and play-time all around.
MinimalPizza954 1 6月
good a
SecureCrayon947 22 5月
I love the work that WeMod does, it would be awesome to get some more obscure games modded but everything I try is phenomenal.
Runfaster 18 5月
Works well no issues. Honestly as a guy with 0 time that wants to just play through games this app is amazing
ProperRoom996 17 5月
Absolute poggers bro, stayed up until 2 am since I lost track of time playing. you got dig dick energy my man.
MobileGiraffe623 14 5月
it was pretty good but i would like the mod that was on dishonored 1 where there was no limit to the distance of your blink power
RandomStick891 13 4月
The freedom to do and play things the way I want is amazing. Thanks for taking the time to put this together for us.
CharlieHumongous 13 3月
thanks so much, D2 is one of my fave games and the ghost mode lets me walk around (sprint around) just taking in the beauty and taking screenshots too. If i ever get into architecture i have arkane studios to thank and you too!
CheerfulSquare106 6 3月
I already beat the game but your mods made me wanna go through a second time to see what it would be like. Thanks guys.
LexicalBerry356 1 3月
Just a great program! Have been using since Dishonored and every iteration has been consistent and excellent!
KindSquirrel69 24 2月
Worked great, thank you! The only thing I would prefer is an option to only add one rune instead of unlimited, I haven't tried the unlimited option but most games that have that WeMod option tend to just max out things like money so there's no reason to look for that anymore for the rest of the game.
AtomicCorn671 19 2月
it makes the game so much fun and means you can try all different powers in any level you choose without grinding
DestinedCat215 18 2月
love it lets me play how i want to...levels the playing field..the game i was playing was difficult.. this helps...happy happy happy...
PsyPirate 14 2月
every cheat runs fine, but it would be even better if unlimited health could stop having effect after you turn it off, without having to quit the game.