Dark Souls: Remastered 修改器

修改器和作弊 Steam

Dark Souls: Remastered

18 功能

  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Max Humanity
  • Unlimited Durability
  • Unlimited Spells
  • Max Item Discovery
  • One-Hit Kills
  • 无限物品
  • 负重无上限
  • Add 5K Souls
  • Add Vitality
  • Add Attunement
  • Add Endurance
  • Add Strength
  • Add Dexterity
  • Add Resistance
  • Add Intelligence
  • Add Faith

我们的 Dark Souls: Remastered 修改器拥有​​ 18 个功能并支持Steam。在WeMod应用中使用这个修改器以及其他更多修改器!

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DivineMachine267 29 6月
Thank you! its my 4th time playing and i cannot be arsed with the aggro of leveling normally. just wanna enjoy it!
Raditas 27 6月
overall alright for some quick adjusts on newer characters and letting a younger family member play the game on easy mode. only issue is messing with any of the "add" stats can ruin the character profile. +10 vitality adds nothing to your health bar and it makes it even more difficult to level up your health.
UltimateRail434 15 6月
Kinda wish I could add more souls quicker, and a godmode would be nice for far falls. A speed modifier would be absolute aces and maybe some kind of item adder tool. It's a neat little tool otherwise, good for testing builds.
AbstractMask761 5 6月
this program is amazing considering what all you can do with it for free. Thanks to team behind this,this is great
weareuwu 16 5月
very good , items need a little work though needs either instruction or a fix, dosnt work half the time.
Krieger_86 1 5月
This is honestly the best cheat/mod. got me past a few hard fights i couldnt get past. app is super easy to use.
ImplicitDuck256 9 4月
Freaking a man. This helped a whole lot Mind you I don't use much other thing other then Stamina and Souls but thanks dude
xHoudini 7 4月
Very useful when I am stuck, which is all the time. No glitches caused by this trainer, which I can't say for others.
ExtremeSmile406 11 3月
All trainer commands work perfectly; however, the add statistics commands are all purely aesthetic and do not increase scaling but rather enable you to meet the stat requirements only. Of course, with all of the others working, including add souls, this is a trivial concern. Excellent work!
Inspiration420 9 3月
thank you its fun breaking games ive already beaten, adds a bit of replay to certain games where things/items are limited
Nuthinfancy1349 9 3月
Thanks for give me the power to defeat any and all foes in Dark Souls. Now i can finally enjoy this game without getting mad and rage quitting.
Xernux 7 3月
its great, the only thing i wish could be changed is the unlimited durability so that it allows for abilities that take up huge chunks of durability to not drain durability, such moonlight greatsword magic slashs, Grant hammers Wrath of the gods stance, Ornsteins lighting spear, but other then that its great!
InvisibleRabbit976 28 2月
it is good for when youve played the game a bunch and just want to meme around with mods. just dont use in multiplayer or you could be banned.
User2382204 28 2月
Everything works great! Unlimited Health doesn't work when a dialog box is open.This is only an issue when an NPC you're fighting is talking
BrilliantRail631 23 2月
I remember when I first started the franchise, I spent countless hours trying to learn and eventually master all the bosses and enemy archetypes this game threw at me. This time, I get to do it again without sinking all those painful hours. Well done bro :)
ArtisticBean238 21 2月
Needed godmode to get out of the bottom of the catacombs at a low level. Started game in offline mode and no ban. Works good.
Scarletter 18 2月
i love wemod, ive been using this app for years now and im yet to have any problems, its perfect! thank you guys
ToxicSnail695 14 2月
your mods are the best. i really enjoy dark souls a lot . thank you so much for your excellent mods. you rock.
ToxicSnail695 13 2月
good mods. always been afraid to play this. now i can be the warrior without fear. thank you for that.
OrganicPoison670 11 2月
Its epic but you can still die with unlimited health. I only really use this for mod show cases and stuff but its still really useful for relaxing.