American Truck Simulator 修改器

修改器和作弊 Steam

American Truck Simulator

11 功能

  • Infinite Fuel
  • 增加10000金钱
  • 停止时间
  • 更改时间
  • 设定时间
  • 增加一小时
  • 减去一小时
  • No Damage
  • 不会疲劳
  • Max Level
  • Infinite Skillpoints

我们的 American Truck Simulator 修改器拥有​​ 11 个功能并支持Steam。在WeMod应用中使用这个修改器以及其他更多修改器!

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DarkSun001 10 9月
Thank u for the trainer MrAntifun, i am a fan of ur work, and unless u give me reason not to be, i will be forever, so thanks again m8 :)
ExtremeZoo820 9 9月
I enjoy this as i was a long haul truck in Australia.Have retired an love ATS
Angel_Devil30 10 8月
love that i dont have to constantly stop for gas and when i wreck i dont have to stop
Pulse0007 13 7月
so new update today for this game . Fuel works no damage works and the Fatigue.but the rest do not work from what i could check
SillyDonkey375 30 6月
Pretty cool mod, I just played Euro truck. So I don't want to start over again totally.
SkilledOwl153 4 6月
Great money method when I hold key down but I wish there was a speedboost or like a noclip speedboost would be insane. please add speedboost
ExpertWave398 31 5月
love the option to freeze time i enjoy night rides n dont like quick time of day
TheNuclearKingYT 2 5月
the add 10k and the set time cheats are unavailuble but all the other ones are working fine
DistantWaffle951 30 4月
this new update to 1.40 seems to work after 10 sec after driving so a plus for me at least
PopularSpoon355 20 4月
Perfect tool for Multiplayer or Single player to test mods and the like. 10/10
ClassicPancake426 19 4月
really good knowing ive just got it and knew how to use it in the first 5 mins of using it so other wise 5 star review
ClassicRabbit738 10 4月
I love it! So far the cheats work wonderfully, and I created a new profile just so I can have one cheat profile and one profile that is legit where I have to really work to get what I need.
SwiftSpoon23 19 3月
This mod works fantastic and doesn't cause issues with the game. Great work guys.
FairPizza463 13 3月
it is Nice and helps when you expeshly need to stop to rest and it takes like 24 off and now your late. Now it is no longer a problem
ReliableShark734 27 2月
Awesome job wishing there was options where you can't get any fines though. other than that good work!
whiteshadow85 26 2月
it seems to work well the max level doesnt work with the new update but thats ok i will just work towards it. thank you for all your hard work !
LinearBear267 24 2月
mod worked perfectly everything worked except freeze time, it just made time go in reverse. ty for the hack! :)
xXArcWolfXx 21 2月
thanks,you've made going through old games faster and more fun with some of the mods ive used
TwilitSheikah 23 1月
thanks for the great trainer, and if i could request, could we get a exp multiplier option?
LazerXXX1 12 1月
Worked really well, had to reassign the triggers for the NUMPAD though since that is how I control where I look.