Minecraft Dungeons 修改器

修改器和作弊 Windows Store, Steam, 和 PC

Minecraft Dungeons

12 功能

  • 无限生命值
  • Unlimited Revives
  • 无限灵魂
  • Ignore Enchantment Cost
  • Unlimited Arrow
  • 设置游戏速度
  • Unlimited Emerald
  • Emerald Multiplier
  • 无限XP
  • 经验值倍数:
  • Super Damage/One-Hit Kills
  • Damage Multiplier

我们的 Minecraft Dungeons 修改器拥有​​ 12 个功能并支持Windows Store, Steam, 和 PC。在WeMod应用中使用这个修改器以及其他更多修改器!

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CleverBox906 3 12月
wemod is awesome dude thank you to whoever desinghed the minecraft dungeons mod But a request if its possible would be making all power max
StormyCarrot778 17 10月
thanks for helping me win and finish gamemodes yay huirquak
EpicTiger204 1 9月
Love it! Maybe in the future for when this gets more advanced, you can make it so that we can have a list of items to choose from, and what enchants are on it :)
lzvk25 14 8月
With only "God Mode" activated it is working. For me that's enough, it seems that as soon as we mess with the enchantments, everything goes nuts.
ImplicitTomato431 3 8月
It crashes all the time because it detects the file,it was fun but I have to open it multiple times just so I can even COMPLETE a mission cause it crashes when you leave the mission which does not give me the complete, so I have had to open this hundreds of times just so I could get to arch illager.
ImplicitTomato431 3 8月
Kinda funny, I just could not die I just sat in my chair laughing that even the final boss in the game could not even override the godmode so it was very funny.
xDeViLsX_BlOoD 1 8月
all of the mods work except the unlimited souls, but overall its fantastic, love the unlimited health and one-hit kills, keep up the awesome work guys!!!
IRgEEK 11 7月
Thanks for the fun. Disabling between levels def matters with newer versions of Dungeons as I kept crashing until I followed the advice. Thanks!
LovelyPotato327 28 6月
I love being able to try out all the gear I want to without having to worry about dying or losing lives. Seriously helps me find what I want to use!
LogicalPoison626 15 6月
at apocalypse plus 17 and up one hit kill is more like 10-20 hit kill can you increase the damage on one hitkill to 10,000,000 from 2,000,000
lzvk25 19 5月
People who work in real life have little time for themselves, so doing the "grind" for every single game is unacceptable. So, this trainer is more than welcome. Thanks
SuperMist609 9 5月
Amazing, just amazing. This is so helpful, I cannot thank you developers enough, Absolutely geniuses. Well done on the program, Literally as good as it can get. So organized, and easy to configure.
PatientMoon913 4 5月
it was decent, though the unlimited enchanting upon being turned off will send the player into negative enchanting points depending on how many they used
MarvelousTree241 25 3月
Thanks developer its a really good help because last time i modded in games then i was supposed to download all random stuff and with WeMod there is nothing
HonestHorse764 25 3月
mods work for minecraft dungeon in my experience of playing recently, although the unlimited souls is definitely not unlimited and depletes in an instant.
FajNo 4 3月
Update: Changed my username and profile picture + Played it for the first time now with hacks, and it has a lot of bugs and stuff, atleast MOST of the hacks worked for about 30% of the time I used them
MrYeet6000 4 3月
WOW AMAZING HACKS i dont use INfintie health it makes the game way to s=aesy and i sometimes dont use insta kill but still great hacks how did u make them
SuperiorPizza913 27 2月
Thank you for the mods that you made but minecraft dungeons got updated recently. So unlimited livees stoped working same with the xp multiplyer and the unlimited emeralds
DarkSheikGaming 22 2月
I used the Unlimited Emerald cheat and works great, must make a purchase from merchant to activate cheat. So I'm sure all the cheats still work since the Emerald one worked.
ChristopherTY3 20 2月
Amazingly working mods, I suggest making an add-on that you can spawn in any item, any enchant, or even spawn in Emeralds and power points