Just Cause 4 修改器

修改器和作弊 Steam, Epic Games, 和 Windows Store

Just Cause 4

14 功能

  • 无限生命值
  • 无限车辆加速
  • Instant Pilot Cooldown
  • Unlimited Wingsuit Missile
  • 无限飞行衣加速
  • Easy Kills
  • Cease Enemy Fire
  • 无限弹药
  • 无需装填
  • 无后座力
  • 急速射击
  • Unlimited AR Scan
  • Instant Hacking
  • Freeze Mission Timer

我们的 Just Cause 4 修改器拥有​​ 14 个功能并支持Steam, Epic Games, 和 Windows Store。在WeMod应用中使用这个修改器以及其他更多修改器!

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SubZeroTaj 20 7月
thanks for the mod. I would love if their were mods for unlimited squads. or i would also love if there were mods for "need for speed: heat" for the microsoft store version.
FamousGrass421 30 6月
Worked perfectly, Would recommend! Got me past a level I was stuck on because of that stupid timer!
OriginalGiraffe390 29 6月
unlimited health is good but when vehicle exploded, he'll go into this slow motion which took forever to end. maybe need this cheat also. thanks
agentphilip07 28 6月
it's good. the only bad thing is that the epic games version (the one i have) doesn't have as many features as the steam version.. :(
Talonic 22 6月
I only use the freeze timer but it worked perfectly, and solved my frustration of the timed 'stunts'. Thanks for the great trainer.
Ge_Wiz 15 6月
Seems to work pretty good most of the time except when using the infinite health (the ragdoll mode doesn't end and you have to restart from the menu screen which is not that big a deal). Guess I just need to get more good
SmoothMachine832 8 6月
this mod, hack whatever is REALY GOOD i mean REALY GOOD.strugling with the timer boom freeze timer, alwais diaing boom inf health
NeatDust791 29 5月
It was all good, except for I died whilst I had full health, when I was in a truck,I was forced to close game as I was stuck in slow-mo
Daveox 27 5月
mostly works on steam but glitch if using unlimited health and get exploded, slows down everything. otherwise works great
LivelyHotkey695 23 5月
its fun but there is 1 problem when using the infinite hp mod. if your in an explosion the game thinks you died and slows down time and softlocks you so you have to restart the game. and when you use the infinite wingsuit boost you cant turn it off your boosting until you use the hover bord or parachute. aside from that the mods work perfecly :)
HappyCamel687 16 5月
this amazing ive tried allot like this (not one worked) dut when i tried this one it worked
MetalNova 30 4月
Works quite well for Just Cause 4. Has some quirks but once those are learned is great fun for this game.
AmpleThunder604 28 4月
It was really fun and the mods I used which was unlimited ammo,vehicle boost, and no reload worked flawlessly, no recoil I wasn't sure of and couldn't tell. If you can please add more mods to the epic store version of just cause 4. Its very limited compared to the steam version. Thanks for everything
LinearBanana157 9 4月
Worked as intended! Only crashed the first time second time all cheats worked flawlessly.
LizardKing159 27 3月
Game works well, do not recommend using "instant hacking" this hack will ruin the ability to "transmit data.'
SleepingPin590 12 3月
Very good but when you are on helicopter and blow it up when you have god mode on you die but come back and everything is really slow
GRIZZLY1984 12 3月
Thank you very much for making this trainer program, and allowing a free option. I don't believe in subscribing for things that aren't movie/TV streaming services, so I really do appreciate not having to do so, in order to use this program. Thank you and keep up the good work :)
QuantumEntanglement 17 2月
Easy to install and use, never used a trainer until now,and I'm quite surprised, I would expect games to crash, and now I don't need to do extra stuff get mods on games from the Epic Games store.
StingerPHX202 12 2月
WeMod works great in JC4. I really like the cheats available for this game, it allows for fun tricks.
Flairside 11 2月
This was exactly the edge i needed to play the games i love . thanks soooooo much everyone