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Saved by the Bell
Survive a dazed state by the skin of your teeth (Round end)
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Wanna Take This Online?!
Participate in an online fight for the first time
Achievement icon
Going Worldwide
Win your first online fight
Achievement icon
A Truly Unanimous Victor
Finish an 8+ round fight by winning every round
Achievement icon
Oh My God, It Even Has a Watermark
Customise your playercard
Achievement icon
At The Buzzer!
Win a fight by knockout on the final round (8+ rounds)
Achievement icon
Show Stopper
Break an opponent’s win-streak of 3 or more matches in online ranked matches
Achievement icon
Just Warming Up
Have your 10th online fight
Achievement icon
Is There a Doctor in the House?
Win a fight by an injury stoppage
Achievement icon
Thrilla Not in Manila
Win an 8+ round fight that has Joe Frazier vs Muhammad Ali
Achievement icon
Call Me Captain
Throw 10,000 hooks
Achievement icon
I Never Miss
Finish a fight with 66% or higher accuracy (with at least 30 punches)
Achievement icon
Can’t Be Touched
Get yourself a win-streak of 5 online matches
Achievement icon
Just Doing My Jab
Throw 10,000 jabs
Achievement icon
I’ve Been Around
Have your 50th online fight
Achievement icon
Caught Red Handed
Lose a fight due to fouls/ref stoppage
Achievement icon
It’s Over 80,000
Win an 8+ round fight that has George Groves vs Carl Froch
Achievement icon
A Cut Above the Rest
Win a fight after having sustained a bad cut (8+ rounds played)
Achievement icon
Up and Onto the Next
Throw 10,000 uppercuts
Achievement icon
Cheap Shot
Get a Knockdown with an illegal shot
Achievement icon
A Real Hitman
Knock out any AI opponent on pro difficulty or greater in less than a minute
Achievement icon
I Could Do This All Day
Win a fight after getting knocked down 5 times

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