Control cheats

Trainers and cheats for Epic Games


8 options

  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Energy
  • Unlimited Ability Points
  • Easy Mods Upgrade
  • Unlimited Materials
  • Unlimited Element
  • No Reload
  • Super Accuracy - No Spread

Our Control trainer has over 8 cheats and supports Epic Games. Cheat in this game and more with the WeMod app!

35,921 WeMod members play this game.

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Demo video preview Gameplay video
Download for Windows 75 MB Open our website on a Windows PC to download the app
Demo video preview Gameplay video
Sep 1, 2020
Game Version
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
Sep 1, 2020
Game Version
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7

This sounds too good to be true, is it?

WeMod is free to use because of the members that choose to support us.
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How do I use the cheats in Control?
WeMod will safely display all of the games on your PC. Open a game from the list and simply press play. After the game loads and once you’re in-game, you can start enabling different cheats!
Will this work with my game version?
WeMod uses advanced technology to detect the game version you’re running and will let you know if it’s supported. If it’s not, you will still have the option of giving it a try or requesting an update!


PlainCheese563 14 Jun
It was good. I do wish there was telporting option.
RetiredModder20 14 Jun
This program is just what I've been looking for. There are moments in games where you just can't get past certain opponents or need help on a level. When used at key moments this program alleviates headaches and frustration or sometimes you just want to destroy everything and this lets you do that in spades...
ModernFrog927 14 Jun
Nice work! Made the story line MUCH more enjoyable in not having to die endlessly and keep repeating missions in the game!
UrgentSound916 13 Jun
thank you for making amazing and easy to use mods
seecker 13 Jun
Thanks for making this mod, it allows me to play in peace without worrying of dying.
Glasols 13 Jun
Amazing work developers from wemod, real genuine stuff..
DivineDonkey810 12 Jun
love it, but sometimes it glitch so character take dmg even thou HP is 100% and blood appear on screen but reloading game often fix it
GameTripper 12 Jun
mate thank you this is so useful and awesome!
Binkyboo99 12 Jun
Just got confused on what to do so ill come back to it tomorrow
MightyCarrot239 12 Jun
thanks for the awesome cheat, it works with no fps drops!
JollyOven365 11 Jun
thx developer for making this mod for control had a great time with it and the mod made me happier when i used it to play control.:)
Eon_One_1 1 Jun
Excellent work on this one, it is stable as hell and works like wonder.
naiasonod 28 Apr
I can't type much because I have a cat standing on my chest.
AtomicAvocado963 12 Apr
Works pretty well, loved playing with wemod cheats activated.
InstantCake287 9 Apr
thank you but you should fix the unlimited health
ConcreteZipper510 7 Mar
thanks, great trainer, lots of fun easy to use
CuriousBerry774 24 Feb
Thanks! Nice way to finish the game 3rd time :)
CheerfulSpoon725 23 Feb
Thanks for a great Mod, it works well and I really like the idea of being able to launch the game from the Mod.
NeatOven860 22 Feb
Thank you, great mod. Awesome for casual gamer's.
GrumpyExpert 17 Feb
played well got a bit choppy when using the unlimited materials though.
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