Advanced app features

Over 1,000 games to mod

WeMod supports many single-player PC games. Plus, new titles are added every week! Ranging from first-person shooters to RPGs to real-time strategy games, the possibilities are endless.

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Automatic game detection

Once a game is found, we detect its version and pair it to one of the trainers on our platform. No guesswork required.

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Smartphone control

No second monitor? The remote app makes it even easier to enable cheats in your game.

Remote app

Easy controls

Remembering hotkeys can be annoying. WeMod takes cheat and mod control to a new level with sliders, buttons, drop-downs, and more. Get fine-grained control over your games.

WeMod supports games from your favorite launchers - including Steam, Windows Store, Ubisoft, Origin, GoG, Epic Games, and Rockstar Games.

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No more risky downloads and viruses. WeMod eliminates the need to download cheats from sketchy websites. This is the real deal.

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