BioShock 2 Remastered cheats

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BioShock 2 Remastered

9 options

  • Unlimited Health
  • Ghost Mode
  • Player Speed
  • Jump Height
  • Instant Kill Alarm
  • Unlimited EVE
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Fuel
  • Unlimited Ammo

Our BioShock 2 Remastered trainer has over 9 cheats and supports Epic Games and Steam. Cheat in this game and more with the WeMod app!

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BioShock 2 Remastered cheats screenshot Screenshot
Demo video preview Gameplay video
May 30, 2022
Game Version
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
May 30, 2022
Game Version
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7

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How do I use the cheats in BioShock 2 Remastered?
WeMod will safely display all of the games on your PC. Open a game from the list and simply press play. After the game loads and once you’re in-game, you can start enabling different cheats!
Will this work with my game version?
WeMod uses advanced technology to detect the game version you’re running and will let you know if it’s supported. If it’s not, you will still have the option of giving it a try or requesting an update!


MustangOfEquestria 27 May
i think these mods may have crashed my game but not bad either way
JMulvy 16 Apr
Thanks for the work you put into it. I already finished the original on the old console and really do not feel like running through the remaster proper. Kudos!
dozdog 13 Feb
ye evrything worck realy nicely together
Taurus40XX 9 Feb
i hate having to be limited by resources when i play, wemod fixes that
CoolPotato116 11 Jan
Works well and looks great. Games tend to load slowly when launching from the wemod platform but that's ok.
HiddenWaffle425 25 Nov
Alot better no issues with anything. Thank you!
GhostofGaming64 29 Oct
This WEMOD Bioshock 2 remastered is the best
LostMitten978 20 Sep
Thanks for the mod. It helps me enjoy the game without worrying about my avatar dying every 10 minutes.
SkilledPancake838 16 Jul
This helped me bypass the scrap salvaging aspect of the game, which I was not enjoying. I may not have made it through without this mod.
BGB8888 5 Jun
Thank you very much for the excellent trainer!!
SecureMarble478 20 May
Great help on crazy game I always wanted to play
ImmuneYam228 11 May
nice though i have to alt tab to google so it wont crash
JohnVonHans 23 Apr
It did exactly as it was suppose to. Thanks to this I can enjoy the wonders of Bioshock 2.
LeadingFlame530 8 Apr
Thank you, it has really increased my enjoyment of this brilliant game.
HiddenRain411 17 Mar
Even though ive played the game legit in the past, this mod really made it fun to mock and run threw the enemies with ease, or use what i want from the mod to play how i want to 5 Stars all around!!!!!
MannyCAM2001 7 Mar
No issues so far. Thank you so much for using your great talents to help others enjoy their game purchases,.
CleverWorm887 22 Feb
Crashes towards the end stages of the game often, but turn off unlimited ammo and fuel and it stays stable All in all, great mods though
MarvelousRequest513 20 Feb
cheat work must smash splicer with unlimited drill power
CharmingModder139 16 Feb
It was almost perfect. A small memory error with a scripted scene when encountering your first little sister after acquiring "incinerate". Otherwise has been a great tool. Thank you.
Doombreaker 7 Feb
still works in year 2021, though this game will forever be playable all year round.
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