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911 Operator

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Field Training Officer Medal
Awarded after finishing the training
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Lifesaving Medal
Awarded for saving a life by giving proper first aid instructions
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Purple Heart
Achievement icon
Exemplary Medical Service Medal
Awarded for saving 50 people by driving them to a hospital.
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Tactical Squad Service Medal
Awarded for special tactical skills (gather 3 police teams before shooting starts)
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Exemplary Fire Service Medal
Awarded for resolving 50 fire or technical cases.
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Safe Driving Medal
Awarded for keeping the roads safe (Resolve 50 driving reports)
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Medal of Valor
Awarded for finishing 3 duties in a row without any death or major mistakes (less than -3 reputation)
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Advanced Certification Medal
Awarded for reaching high experience level (any team member)
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Order of Smile
Awarded for a sense of humor ;)
Achievement icon
Medal of Meritorious Service
Awarded for long service (30 duties)
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Community Policing Medal
Awarded for gaining 100 reputation points on one duty
Achievement icon
Sacrifice Medal
Achievement icon
Medal of Honor
Awarded for finishing the campaign
Achievement icon
Perfect Time Manager
Complete a duty without overtime on Hard/Expert difficulty
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Honorary Citizenship
Complete the Single City Run
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International Service Medal
Awarded for working in 15 different cities.
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Above and Beyond
Complete the game on Expert difficulty

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