AdVenture Capitalist 修改器

修改器和作弊 Steam

AdVenture Capitalist

4 功能

  • Mega Money
  • Mega Angels
  • Instant Production
  • Cheap Upgrades

我们的 AdVenture Capitalist 修改器拥有​​ 4 个功能并支持Steam。在WeMod应用中使用这个修改器以及其他更多修改器!

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SwiftSheep337 3 1月
its amazing! working is good, didn't find any glitches like any other game. its not too hard of a game, it's addicting, but very designed and cool. i love the process, and creativity of angels, anyway the game is great. personally, i give it a 9/10!
CasualCheetah644 1 1月
Thank you so much I think wemod is a very great thing I have been using it for years now and its a good help for people learning how to play games, I think by using wemod players can learn how to play better but might not be able to notice the other details that wemod puts in thanks for making this it has been a good time using it.
VividFog810 26 11月
Thank You!!!! I had just bought AdCap on Steam, making slow progress, then BAM! I found this and I am now in the Vigintillions, counting!
EqualMachine700 23 11月
yes hi
AmbitiousSponge551 23 11月
It was good, I only used it for the events. There is a problem with the goals when using cheap upg. where when it ask you to buy one thing it just goes to NaN/NaN instead of how much your actually supposed to get.
GrandPoison176 22 9月
great, totally spoiled the game but gave me a short burst of dopamine unlocking what usually takes days :)
CasualBike784 5 9月
AdVenture Capitalist with WeMod was differant, more exciting and overall the way it should be.
DCScorpionToe 24 8月
Thanks again for your fine work! I don't slaughter people, but I get my prizes every week. Far better than having to constantly pay to get the bonuses. They owe me! :D
GrantCracker 18 8月
It is fun to know that the only way I can be good at something is hacks...
RetiredYarn483 8 8月
completed my latest adventure in under 30 mins, top of the leaderboard in 30 mins and over 100000 points too :)
Six10 18 6月
Now my friends will finally bend over for me. I have reached peak humanity thanks to you. Ich liebe dich. Älskar dig vännen.
ImplicitEagle412 21 5月
thank you dev i love WeMod if its you or one of your friends who thought of this thank them pls
PlainDust982 6 5月
It actually workedbut with cheap upgrades the upgrades cap at 324 which was quite annoying but it worked alright for the most of it :)
CheesyCheat 2 5月
really fun i think your cheat's are way better then the ipad and iphone ones what are alright because your u can activeate and deactivete
HypesUp_Cyborg 27 4月
If you read my last report i figured it out, sorry for wasting your time. Love the mods, keep it up.
DesiredStar816 18 4月
AMAZING! You can add an auto buy and angel button, and add points in events that would be awesome
UltimateMitten458 14 3月
pretty user friendly,(coming from a GUI designer and Developer) gets the job done in an easy fashion
QuickMachine599 21 2月
Thank you very much for adding this method of play to people. its really fun and amusing, i have my gratitude to you
Alexc42305 16 2月
It's (for the most part) what I expected) but one thing that I didn't like is that the cheap prices brings it down to 0, and it makes it unavailable to buy, so you can't buy the upgrades, maybe make it $1 or something like that.
ImmuneStick599 12 2月
Great experience and will do again but, I will restart earth the moon and mars so I can get the original feeling of the game.