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Grand Theft Auto V

17 Optionen

  • God Mode
  • Unbegrenzte Gesundheit
  • Unbegrenzte Ausdauer
  • Unbegrenzter Atem
  • Unlimited Special Ability
  • Never Detected by Police
  • 6 Stars Police
  • Super Geschwindigkeit
  • Way Point Teleport
  • Unbegrenztes Geld
  • Maximale Statistiken
  • Kein Neuladen
  • Unbegrenzte Munition
  • Explosive Bullets Selected Weapon
  • Reset Bullets Selected Weapon
  • God Mode Vehicle
  • Unlimited Health Vehicle

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Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7

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SolarChalk680 16 Sep
I LOVE THE CHEATS... I was always was looking for a money glitch on gta v. and i was just watching youtube the other day and came across an ad... so i was impressed with the video, but when i downloaded it myself... it was like i was in charge of the entire gta world... thank you alot for making this app :D
Dontecygahn 7 Sep
I played the game. It was fun. After a while, I decided to stop playing the game. That doesn't mean the game was no longer fun, just that I had reached a stopping point. I'll probably play a different game a little later but for now, I'm just going to socialize with some friends and do something productive. jk. I'm going to play a different game. lol. you believed me.
FellowChalk326 25 Jul
Thanks to the developer lmao had lots of fun playing with mods in single-player! I used explosive bullets on my pistol that was pretty funny. I was playing on a laptop though so I want to eventually get a pc with good performance so I can play better (playing gta5 on a laptop is next to unplayable)
RyuOverlord 7 Jul
Perfection at its peak. No risk of viruses and allows you to mod without the risk of getting banned. No temptation of modding online, and it even reduces the amount of modders that play multiplayer and ruin the fun.
Loser31415 30 Mai
Great,love the money cheat,probably the only things i would say are maybe instead of having cops completely not see u instead maybe have it so u can just lose them alot easier when u have heaps of cops after you,also the teleportation has a long way to go in terms of accuracy and also how high it takes you when you get teleported. other then that it is great
FrozenScorpion473 28 Mai
Most of the cheats worked great the only complaint so far is that when you use teleport, you spawn higher and higher each time until you are above some kind of height limit and you are just stuck looking at the clouds. Great apart from that
SecureLaptop758 21 Mai
thanks. really couldnt test anything becuse i was getting less than 1 fps and couldnt complete the first mission but pretty much every feature works! would prefer if explosive weapons only applied to weapons that I SHOOT personally but thats all. thanks
Daniel069 13 Mai
would be great if there were more things to do (car speed, change time, spawn vehicles) but it would then be a menu. for free this is 100% worth. The only things that were a bit off was the infinite money (did nothing for me) and the teleport worked 3 times out of 10.It just put me under the map or nowhere near where i wanted to go but over all great app
SecureBottle720 5 Apr
Thanks, this is a good mod, although if at all possible in the future. Maybe make a mod that allows players to adjust the amount of money they receive from each mission or robbery or w/e. You're under no obligation, just an idea. Great mod!
FellowOwl804 9 Mär
Amazing. I wish that there were a few more options for spawning vehicles though. I use this menu for GTA Online single player lobbies because I do vehicle filming shoots and havent been able to get the same feel in FiveM so I use GTA Online. I have to go out and find the car / buy it instead of just being able to directly spawn it in. Amazing menu though, has helped out a lot.
projectriptide 8 Mär
nice to buy everything without having to almost none stop grind. I did risk using theses online only a few work was mainly hoping that money cheat would work so I could actually start playing but i used god mode so I wouldn't get killed by random player's while doing missions and jobs.
That1neKID 25 Feb
I find this very helpful in online because i'll just be minding my buisness and other modders would just kill me without reason. With this i can live without worry of other modders sabotaging any money runs or heist setups.
M4ds 24 Feb
Thank you i enjoyed the mods more would be nice only downside is the fast running is kinda buggy and the way point teleport teleports you into the ocean. Would love maybe noclip or an option to speed up your vehicle.
SupremeTomato413 19 Feb
very nice love you big boy man you are very beutiful big boi man man very nice mna boi yes i agree big boy nice bestest of the mods you is big beutiful man love you again big boi man boss youu beutiful pls do more mods love you big man boi
Oli_JG 19 Feb
Great mods, work well all the time. My only advisement would be to try make the teleport feature work on online, but i understand this may result in legal issues for yourselfs and/or banning of players. So i understand this may not be possible. Keep up the excellent work!!
Ghostclaw66 17 Feb
You guys work extremely hard. You guys also get very little thanks and more cheat demands. So from me to you guys Thanks! Thanks a whole bunch! I'm a paying customer with no complaints! Keep doing what you guys do best!
MagicBoi 12 Feb
Thank you so so much for making amazing mods for GTA. Could you make it so when you 'Way point teleport' you don't spawn really high in the air, also there are a few bugs/glitches with way point teleport. Other than that this is a great mod website. I really really like it it has helped me with loads of the missions i have been stuck on. Many thanks:)
painmaker69 11 Feb
hey man great mods love using them and i know some of them work online cause the health and car health along with ammo and explosives work is there a way around the infinite money for the online or at least be able to add specific amounts so it dosent look suspicios or even better be able to spawn a money truck or a money shooting gun? thanks much man keep up the good work
LovelyRabbit869 5 Feb
Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our broke and lazy community. It takes huge balls to invest their strokes and pleasure to build upon a free service for the desperate and needy. I can only say that each time I use your program, my excitement is as high as an orgasm. Please allow this time to give yourself a rub on the down there because you deserve it. I for sure am doing the same right now. Take care and I hope your services and with this program will last forever!
EggMez 3 Feb
thx bro the godmode and not detected by police is great...godmode is good for selling stuff, but one recomendation would be to make unlimeted money foronline to, and it should be on usif we get banned. other wise everything is great bro thx! :)
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