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  • Unlimited Resources

Our Mr.Mine trainer has 1 cheat and supports Steam. Cheat in this game and more with the WeMod app!

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Download Download for Windows 85 MB Open our website on a Windows PC to download the app
Demo video preview Gameplay video
Mar 13, 2021
Game Version
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
Mar 13, 2021
Game Version
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7

This sounds too good to be true, is it?

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How do I use the cheats in Mr.Mine?
WeMod will safely display all of the games on your PC. Open a game from the list and simply press play. After the game loads and once you’re in-game, you can start enabling different cheats!
Will this work with my game version?
WeMod uses advanced technology to detect the game version you’re running and will let you know if it’s supported. If it’s not, you will still have the option of giving it a try or requesting an update!


LivingShoe864 12 Sep
Hi I am very SATASFIED with this product. :) It is very good because i am a begginer in the game so it has been very helpful. There is one thing that this mod needs though, it is unlimited building materials.
WildYam927 10 Aug
Its so much easier and now I don't have to grind :D
BasicMarble585 30 Jul
It was very cool with these mods
CreativeHorse28 21 Jul
ITS Good to cheat if nessiceraly
ModestKangaroo668 17 Jul
got better than my friends in 2 min , very epic
EpicEgg823 16 Jul
I have never used cheats on a game but that was fun with a idle game
HappyWorm834 15 Jul
i realy like what you have done it works great keep it up
johnathanv1 3 Jul
good free game just took me 20 min
Noprobllama4047 24 Jun
it worked i just needed to set a new keybind
CasualWave804 10 Jun
Man, ive played this game legit for a long time but my account got delete for some reason so this helped alot
EpicPumpkin624 29 May
good can you add unlimeted isotops
LeadingTurtle450 27 May
niiiiccccceeeeeeeeeee <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
SecureCamel568 22 May
I Love ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
SplendidSpider337 16 May
Great I wish maybe you could do a time cheat so you get those achievements, also a ticket cheat could be useful. Of course it may be illegal. Good luck and great job!
HypesUp_Cyborg 28 Apr
it was good, but after a bit, it randomly didnt work? idk mabye i did somthing.
TropicalPlant730 21 Mar
nice modsvery fun ive beaten the game and then i beat it again with mods
NickUsesHax 19 Mar
wemod is a cheating software unlike anything i have ever seen the best part is you dont need to knowhow to hack wemod just does it all for you.
Azdifque 16 Mar
infinte resources stopped after awile bt overall prett good time
JPCyberDude 14 Mar
Thanks but can u make part of it so we can mine super fast and maby infinate storage the flashing red is annoying
WokePickle145pood 14 Mar
the add recourse on mr mine doesnt work for icotopes
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