Resident Evil 7 修改器

修改器和作弊 Steam

Resident Evil 7

6 功能

  • Unlimited Health
  • No Reload
  • Unlimited Items / Unlimited Ammo
  • Always Win 21 DLC
  • Reset Game Time
  • Highlight Interactable Objects

我们的 Resident Evil 7 修改器拥有​​ 6 个功能并支持Steam。在WeMod应用中使用这个修改器以及其他更多修改器!

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asiann 5 7月
It's so fun using it in madhouse and easy mode but Not A Hero DLC is broken the ammo keeps multiplying to were your inventory is full and you have to keep going back and forth to the box.
Shade_Minami 1 7月
this is a good free cheat system and easy to use! tried pro and is worh the price but free will work for those that cant pay!!
asiann 30 6月
The hacks is so amazing that I enjoyed playing with them! If you're trying to turn on the hacks and it tells you to upgrade to pro, just use the keybinds on the sides and they'll work. I'm a new user to wemod but now I know how to use the hacks. Thanks! Wemod and MrAntiFun for creating this!
Tranqilla007 26 6月
It works very good,i have this game on xbox one and i finished it,but i like it more on pc,because of the trainer,thanks wemod.
SupremeShade528 17 6月
Thank you dude! I don't know if its possible but I would like to see the infinite ammo separated from the other items.
KennethLuque 18 5月
I always die on games since I play rushing. Having Unlimited Health and No Reload made me be able to play the game and not have worry about dying or anything. Thank you for the mod!
SethPDA 15 5月
Cheat works great, except when using god mode, bosses do not take damage. This happened to me for Jack, and Evelyn, but not for Margaret.
AmanteNomadstar 12 5月
Thank you for developing the Trainer for Wemod for Resident Evil 7. As a parent who doesn't have a lot of extra time, mods like yours allow me to play games I want to play at a faster pace so I can get the most from my gaming. Cheers!
BoldSnail450 5 5月
It was good but i feel like if you have unlimited health on the bosses cant die, thats what happened with me at least. other than that it was great!
AmbitiousHat391 28 4月
Everything worked great! Made the last little haul quite a bit easier for a coward like me! The only issue I encountered was that I wasn't able to progress on the final boss unless I turned off mods, but it was pretty easy even without the mods!
rads180 18 4月
Thanks it works good, except on unlimited health everything in the game has unlimited health which can make the game unable to complete.
ArcaneEther 1 4月
One of the codes did not function as expected. The "Unlimited Health" made both me AND all enemies invincible. Had to turn it off to make progress.
DuggahDante 14 3月
Works great mostly! The only problem was boss battles and destroying bug nests needed Unlimited Health turned off to progress, though that may be a game failsafe.
AmpleLion971 6 3月
Was a great experience with infinite ammo and god mode, only thing is is that the FPS starts to get a little choppy when your later on in the game but otherwise it was good!
ModernWindow685 28 2月
Great and doesn't actually hurt the experience as even with unlimited supplies, I still didn't feel safe thanks to the game's atmosphere and design, but I have a few complaints... The Unlimited Health cheat affects certain enemy encounters like bosses and Marguerite's insect hives, even resulting in a game-breaking glitch during the second proper fight with Jack, wherein even with the chainsaw, he was unkillable, even AFTER turning off the cheat. Also, the Burner's ammo count still needs to be watched as the 100 count given to all items through Unlimited Items/Ammo isn't enough to replenish the Burner's 150 capacity on reload. These are minor gripes, but I can live with them. Great trainer!
joejoe28 25 2月
As always, killer trainer. I usually play the game once without cheats. Then the second or third time is so much more fun! Thanks for you time and effort in making these games worth it.
blackghost8942 15 2月
just need to figure out the whole unlimited life for player and the boss strange glitch but works when turning off then back on after
CrimsonSnake 10 2月
I've owned the game on console since release, but playing on PC with these mods has made it soo much more enjoyable. Great work!
EpicBerry539 8 2月
Pretty Good but one complaint was when fighting Marguerite and you activate Unlimited Health she also has unlimited health that's the only complaint :)
Yxnrn 29 1月
I've been playing RE7 for a few days with mods now, and all I can say is that this is a great modpack! It would be better if there was an instant kill for mold monsters, and try to fix the bug on Unlimited Health because when it's on, you can't fight bosses e.g., Eveline, Mia, and others. Other than that, amazing!