Need for Speed Heat 修改器

修改器和作弊 Steam Origin

Need for Speed Heat

5 功能

  • Freeze AI Vehicles
  • 无车辆损坏
  • 无限氮气
  • 无线金钱
  • 关闭通缉

我们的 Need for Speed Heat 修改器拥有​​ 5 个功能并支持SteamOrigin。在WeMod应用中使用这个修改器以及其他更多修改器!

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ComplexCoder909 17 10月
hey thank you, this works great! <3 I'm not a very good gamer and I get stuck at parts in the game to the point of being frustrated so its nice that your trainer is available to help me through those parts i otherwise can't get past without having to 'cheat' and ruin the entire games progress. :D
Aoki1 11 10月
The experience was really great I had so much money even while playing online!The inf boost was really helpful too and fun to use. I like the freeze AI as well because at the start of a race or when I crashed it would stop all the racers and I would win every single race! One of the best mod applications I have used. 4/5 from me because of the very little options in not pro mode
NeatLeaf236 3 10月
awsome love the game with the cheats having played it b4 this take the hours of grinding out and just lets u get to the good stuff of customizeing cars and have a good time with friends
GrandSpoon620 29 9月
The 'No Vehicle Damage' is a real godsend. Now I can actually take on the cops as well as bear the brunt of their attacks against my car without worrying about where the nearest petrol station is to get a repair.
DesiredString470 6 9月
Amazing, game crashed a bit (was using Origin rather than Steam) but once I started using Steam the cheat engine worked a treat!
ArtisticBerry545 31 7月
used the money hack and when i rebooted, i got to keep the money. i dont play online so im happy but if you do online maybe its dangerous, but i doubt the devs pay attention
Ghostual 12 7月
it was really helpful, i had fun using it, i just wish there were more cheat options, but im not complaining, thank you guys so much!
Balackay 12 7月
honestly everything is great. only thing I would add is a mod that removes the spawning of civilian vehicles. otherwise, this is pretty great.
ClassicalYam672 27 6月
It was alright in the sense that i got everything to work, the lack of options is annoying, but I expect nothing less that 5 cheats when it comes to an ea branded game.
IndirectHorse805 27 6月
love the freeze, works great on cops at heat level 5.. can still get busted. but you just need to escape the area they are in.
Cartitheguy 22 6月
awesome but the no heat feature isnt working right unless it just works and you get no cops for the rest of the day while the feature is off.
phbfusion09 20 6月
Best mods ever possible. It will be great if you put cars which are not there in the game like the Toyota supra 98. love this software 10/10
ClassicalYarn763 15 6月
Helped me a lot with the High Heat races in this game. Also helped to take care of the cops, as they are typically annoying. The unlimited money also helped me to focus on gaining rep instead of having to switch back and forth between day and night so that I can get the money and the rep.
Illuminati_Confirmed 8 6月
Great Mod, can even change the value of money if a normal race is played after turning of the mod. The game then resets the value of money earned by the race but keeps the modded money for some reason! XD
InstantKangaroo512 21 5月
Still helped me dont get busted in da prison by da police and i could modify more cars cause of the level. Still love you devs
FueFue 12 5月
not only did i get to buy everything i wanted but now i have 926 mil money for online, it didnt go back to want i had before i did this it went to what i have left over.
FinalCook443 24 3月
It's so awesome to have unlimited nitro and no vehicle damage now, I can constantly get heat 5 and do races and get sooo much rep
LovelyPencil61 7 3月
Works Great, maybe the WeMod team can incooperate a rep gain cheat, or a cheat to turn your heat to 5 instantly, otherwise a great trainer.
EagerThunder869 23 2月
thx mr antifun, tho i miss when your trainers were stand alone, without the bloat of wemod. thx though for still making them,
CalmPancake619 16 2月
Dang Nab that was fun. I got to win races I otherwise shouldn't have coz I'm crap at the game. And I never play with other people, so this whole experince made me feel like a real winner. Thanks lads <3