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A Plague Tale: Innocence

3 opções

  • Better Stealth
  • Unlimited Items
  • Tocha Ilimitada

Nosso trainer do A Plague Tale: Innocence tem mais de 3 cheats e suporta Steam, Epic Games, e Xbox. Use cheats nesse jogo e muito mais com o aplicativo WeMod!

41.770 membros WeMod jogaram este jogo.

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Prévia de vídeo demonstrativo Vídeo da gameplay
19 de ago. de 2021
Versão do jogo
Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
19 de ago. de 2021
Versão do jogo
Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7

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ElegantOctopus342 1 nov
This is great, helped me get past a few difficult spots in my game that I wouldn't otherwise be able to pass.
PrimeHotkey151 15 set
A Plague Tale: Innocence does not have different difficulty levels. :( So WeMod makes the game more accessible and enjoyable for me. Thanks!
GentleSeed548 7 set
used to help me through some game glitches, the perfect amount of hax. thanks!
Rhalellan 31 jul
Nice Mod, not sure how much it helps yet, but thanks for making it!
KISTE0854 6 abr
It's really good! I only use the unlimited items cheat so I won't need to worry about not having enough items to upgrade or craft projectiles and this made playing the game so much more easier! Thx for this application!
PCM-G 2 abr
I Lovely. We, who don't like lostour time game with big dificults, need mutch more titles of games. tks
awkward_kaiju 27 set
Everything you need for the game, 'Better Stealth' would better be labeled 'Invisibility' though.
X0tardarsauce0X 12 set
haven't had any issues. game is really fun. mods definitely help
chernoble1 9 set
Thanks so much for your skill and creativity. In this case, the only additional 'want' would be maybe a few more 'player advantage selections'
SweeneyBoy 6 set
I didn't really enjoy the game but wemod made it more enjoyable. Thank you for all of the amazing work!
GrandOwl573 22 ago
Thanks for this, just gotta figure out how to craft 100 items now
SwiftBird23 21 ago
I just wanted the story, not to wait for crafting and all that jazz, thanks a ton!
IIZerohero 12 ago
Mr AntiFun I've enjoyed your Trainers since you started, thanks for making quality trainer!
LordHeartNight 8 ago
Thank you, nothing funnier than walking by the guards, this version works on the epic store version too
DigitalStick577 8 ago
I really hate crafting systems uselessly inserted in narrative based games like this one. Thank you so very much for allowing me to get past the whole "upgrade your equipment" thing and just focus on the story :)
Jesse331984 10 mai
u have cheats for all the games even some of them dont work for me
ExtremePoison993 22 abr
Thank you for the Mod. even though it's not updated it still works perfectly!
Master2020 14 abr
All trainer options work with v1.07 of the game, on a Win7 Pro Desktop.
simiteen2004 27 fev
Was able to fully upgrade my sling and equipment. Won't have to be concerned with overlooked scrap and missed tools for a while!
NaughtyFox 21 fev
All cheats still work, even though there's message its possibly outdated.
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