Terminator: Resistance 치트

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다운로드 Windows 버전 다운로드 85 MB
다운로드 Windows 버전 다운로드 85 MB
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Terminator: Resistance 치트

트레이너 및 치트 Steam

다운로드 Windows 버전 다운로드 85 MB
트레이너 및 치트 Steam · 85mb
Terminator: Resistance
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2021. 12. 19.
게임 버전
21. 12. 18.
Win 11, Win 10, Win 8.1, Win 7


WeMod의 Terminator: Resistance 트레이너는 9개의 치트를 제공하며 Steam 버전을 지원합니다. WeMod 앱으로 치트를 이용하세요!

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Terminator: Resistance 치트 스크린샷 스크린샷
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2021. 12. 19.
게임 버전
21. 12. 18.
Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
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2021. 12. 19.
게임 버전
21. 12. 18.
Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7


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DLA 1 3월
thank you the mods for the game worked very well Please keep up the good work much appreciated.
TJ_Acutal 29 12월
All cheats works 100%. Many thanks to the person who found them out. Keep up the good work!
F4TopGun 28 12월
Only Unlimited Health and Ammo turned on and worked good except backpack is full and it can't be emptied. Selling or dropping does not remove the item even if you sell or drop dozens.
TropicalWave340 24 11월
Mods worked great, but the game just wasn't all that good in my experience.
HotSquirrel722 11 11월
Really makes the overall game play more fun. I want to run the game, not deal with the boring grind. Thanks!
Ever wanted to be arnold ? Well to feel like him? With this mod you can be the terminator in that future war great job guys
Dangerous_Tea 24 9월
When you get to feel like a Terminator but still play as the flesh bags. It's a good day!
SensibleRabbit578 4 9월
It was a tad tricky getting to know how to use, but once that barrier was crossed no issues at all, very nice "addon" and makes things easier.
Mingra4 2 9월
Thank you developer!!!... Couldn't have been easier. Helped me get through a part of the game I was really struggling at! Thanks!!!...
SwiftMarble601 20 12월
Just wanted to say thank you for this awesome menu. Makes fun to have unlimited ammo and shoot HKs out of the air.
scalfdaniel13 18 12월
Great job. Helps my son play the game he likes without dying or running out of ammo. Loves being able to destroy the bad guys.
DestinedBottle353 25 9월
This usually works very well but sometimes after and update, some games cheats do not work and then after another up date the game cheats work fine. JSYK
volrath77 24 7월
Excellent trainer. Still works. However, the unlimited ammo option should be described as unlimited crafting material. Additionally, there is no option for no overheating for Skynet weapons. That should be added.
ImplicitScrew720 10 7월
Patch still works fine (most of the time) for invulnerability and one-shot kills!
RyanPowerGuard 8 7월
I love how the cheats work with infinite ammo, points, money, and health. But one thing that would be nice is to have all the weapons available as some games have cheats where you can get the weapons all at once and you don't have to wait until certain levels to get the weapons. The Turok Games on the Nintendo 64 have been a good example if I saw correctly. I know it sounds ambitious, but it would allow more choice later on instead of waiting to a certain point of the game to get the best weapons for last. I would love to see the option of second gen plasma rifles in Terminator Resistance around early on.
SleepingChalk144 7 7월
Thank you this is great. It makes the game far more enjoyable not having to struggle and dying every 5 minutes.
coughingcouch 26 6월
Thank you. Infinite ammo and super accuracy doesn't seem to work, however.
innerwrathchild 27 4월
Great stuff. An inventory mod to make it larger would be cool if possible
RyanPowerGuard 18 3월
Very helpful in getting all the upgrades we can ask for especially when we want to grab the plasma weapons when we first see the Terminators in the Hospital. Would be nice if there was a cheat where we can get the Gen 2 resistance weapons with the purple lasers early on, but other than that I really love how this cheat system allows me to get essential upgrades early and when we are free to make good decisions like skipping the one upgrade that requires Patrick to see about getting the manual when Jennifer was trying to get him to come out of the search spot, and get extra appreciation. :)
LSWSjr 9 2월
Works great, although Unlimited Ammo should probably be called Unlimited items
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