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Tribes of Midgard

17 options

  • Santé illimitée
  • Unlimited Tree Health
  • SP illimité
  • Set Player Speed
  • Unlimited Exp
  • Multiplieur d'expérience
  • Unlimited Blessing Points
  • Unlimited Season Exp
  • Unlimited Souls
  • Unlock All Craftable Items
  • No Crafting Requirement
  • Unlimited Weapon & Tool Durability
  • Super Damage/One-Hit Kills
  • Multiplicateur de dégâts
  • Freeze Time
  • Time Elapse Speed
  • Définir la vitesse de jeu

Notre trainer Tribes of Midgard a plus de 17 triches et prend en charge Steam. Triche dans ce jeu et plus encore avec l'application WeMod!

34 590 membres WeMod jouent à ce jeu.

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Mis à jour
15 déc. 2021
Version du jeu
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
34 590
Mis à jour
15 déc. 2021
Version du jeu
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
34 590

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Comment puis-je utiliser les triches dans Tribes of Midgard?
WeMod affichera en toute sécurité tous les jeux sur ton PC. Ouvre un jeu de la liste et appuie simplement sur jouer. Après le chargement du jeu et une fois que tu es en jeu, tu peux commencer à activer les codes de triches différents!
Est-ce que cela fonctionnera avec ma version de jeu?
WeMod utilise une technologie avancée pour détecter la version du jeu que tu utilises et t'informera si elle est prise en charge. Si ce n’est pas le cas, tu auras toujours la possibilité de l’essayer ou de demander une mise à jour!


NightFlash100 31 mars
Thanks so much! I loved all the great options and even the increase in season Exp. Even though I have no idea what im doing in this game, I still had fun thanks to this XD
Haxiz 24 déc.
I enjoyed using the mod menu an plan on using it on more games
MoralPlane428 13 nov.
cheats worked rather well! I didn't have any issues so far
Miciso 11 oct.
really fun to unlock stuff with. and just to mess and test around. like how good is a village fully leveled. or how good a weapon is.
JobiWanKenobi 4 oct.
This tool is wonderful! I used this to catch my new account up to where I left off on my other account, and your tool saved me hours of work. I finished in just under 45 minutes, and I'm back to where I left off! Thank you so much for all your hard work.
CalmStick617 20 sept.
Thanks, dev! Is it possible that you could also make a cheat that would wipe our personal bests off the end-game screen? Finishing a game with the Infinite EXP on gave me 10 Billion experience. I'd rather be able to reset that to zero lol.
CalmRing627 3 sept.
great work with the trainer, in the notes time freeze cant be used in menu's well if you hit M for map it bypasses needing to turn it on and off. bandaid solution but it works
EagerMonkey679 31 août
really helping with learning nuances to improve my game.will we see a camera zoom out modifier?
JollyExpert242 25 août
popjers 22 août
Gave me an amazing experience to enjoy the game to the fullest.
mtsonic 21 août
Cheats work in solo saga :) was fun to use, will be doing it for 10 boss saga cleared achievement
OrdinaryParty418 17 août
Works well, was able to test paths for normal gameplay with friends online.
MisterGrim 16 août
Made playing so much more fun but if we could have adjustable season exp so people won't be suspicious
Lhigginbotham2 12 août
Really good experience, hopefully I will not get banned for using the cheats since there is a sort of battlepass and currency system.
HumbleStick613 8 août
g00d need instant fragments to kill boss without traveling and buy
DistantPig485 7 août
The game crashed near the end. I assume because I made too many inputs too quickly, which is my own fault. But the program worked perfectly the whole time until then
DonkeyD13k 6 août
Great job, I put a little request in under the discussion about the mod. I'm not sure the proper channel yet but it would be really nice to see the additions that some of the other modders around have done for this game.
Dsmart1 2 août
it was great, the only complaint i have would be that i accidentally turned on a cheat at num 7when i meant to turn on ctrl num 7
Thanks for the help for unlocking a class. As well as some of the achievement that might takes a while.
StaticDonkey612 1 août
Thank you! Didn't expect the cheat to be ready so quickly. Playing with it was an awesome experience!
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