Trampas para Borderlands 3

Mods y trainers gratuitos para Borderlands 3, y miles de tus juegos de PC favoritos de jugador único, todo ello en el mismo lugar.

Descargar Descargar para Windows 85 MB
Descargar Descargar para Windows 85 MB
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Trampas para Borderlands 3

Trainers y trampas para Steam y Epic Games

Descargar Descargar para Windows 85 MB
Trainers y trampas para Steam y Epic Games · 85mb
Borderlands 3
WeMod is the #1 trainer & cheats app for PC games Always free, always safe

48 mods disponibles

  • Salud/Vehículo del jugador ilimitado
  • Escudo ilimitado
  • Impulso Ilimitado de Vehículo
  • Munición ilimitada
  • Sin Recargar
  • Mejor Precisión
  • Sin Retroceso
  • Granadas Ilimitadas
  • Daño de Super Arma
  • Muertes de Un Golpe
  • Súper tasa de botín
  • Puntos de Habilidad Ilimitados
  • Sin Tiempo de Enfriamiento de Arma
  • Mega Experiencia
  • Habilidad Instantánea de Enfriamiento
  • Restablecer Temporizador de Máquina Expendedora
  • Altura de Super Salto
  • Modo Vuelo
  • Velocidad de Vuelo
  • Establecer Velocidad del Juego
  • Gravedad
  • Teletransporte Punto de Referencia
  • Establecer Tokens Guardian
  • Dinero Ilimitado
  • Eridium
  • Eridium Ilimitado
  • Dinero
  • Llaves Ilimitadas
  • Tamaño de los espacios del inventario
  • Velocidad de caminata
  • Salud del jugador
  • Salud máxima del jugador
  • Escudo
  • Max Escudo
  • Munición de Pistola
  • Máxima Munición de Pistola
  • Munición de Escopeta
  • Máxima Munición de Escopeta
  • Granadas
  • Granadas Máximas
  • Munición SMG
  • Máxima munición SMG
  • Munición de rifle
  • Máxima munición de rifle
  • Munición de francotirador
  • Máxima munición de francotirador
  • Munición de lanzacohetes
  • Máxima munición de lanzacohetes
Vista previa de la demo Gameplay
captura de pantalla de las trampas de Borderlands 3 App

Nuestro trainer Borderlands 3 tiene más de 48 trampas y es compatible con Steam y Epic Games. ¡Trampas para este juego y más con la aplicación WeMod!

About WeMod

19 sept 2021
Win 11, Win 10


Nuestro trainer Borderlands 3 tiene más de 48 trampas y es compatible con Steam y Epic Games. ¡Trampas para este juego y más con la aplicación WeMod!

Más información sobre WeMod

captura de pantalla de las trampas de Borderlands 3 Captura de pantalla
Vista previa de la demo Video del juego
19 sept 2021
Windows 11, Windows 10
Always free, always safe
Trustpilot: 28.639 reviews 4,9 Stars 4,9/5

Trusted by over 10M gamers worldwide.

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19 sept 2021
Windows 11, Windows 10

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WeMod es siempre seguro y siempre gratis gracias a nuestra comunidad de millones de jugadores de todo el mundo. Nos mantenemos gracias a los suscriptores de WeMod Pro. Consulta sus opiniones en Trustpilot.

¿Cómo utilizo las trampas para Borderlands 3?
WeMod mostrará todos los juegos en tu PC de forma segura. Abre un juego de la lista y simplemente pulsa jugar. Cuando el juego se haya cargado y estés in-game, ¡podrás empezar a activar las diferentes trampas!
¿Funcionará esto con mi versión del juego?
WeMod utiliza tecnología avanzada para detectar la versión del juego que tienes y te informará si es compatible. Si no es así, ¡todavía tendrás la opción de probarlo o solicitar una actualización!


ABToko 12 may.
Thank you for such an awesome trainer! I suck at video games, but I really want to play them. To be able to modify the gameplay to make things more enjoyable and still challenging for me is the best! Thank you so much for this!
Fujibaga 5 mar.
Great mods, wish there was a way to go down to zero guardian tokens. I pressed the wrong short keys and now early game I have that notification at the bottom of the screen until I finish the entire campaign. It tells me to press Tab to use them, but I can't use them yet. Small frustration, but it's there. ;-)
TrustOne 26 feb.
It's super easy to use and it's great for replaying a game without having to worry grinding all over again! For a person who just got a PC and completed most of my games on console, this is a great tool to use to not have to spend countless hours all over again just to get an experience on the story with better performance. Worth the money!
CentralBean281 25 ene.
Nailed it! Thank you for your work. I used to be keen-eyed and quick on the trigger, sadly age is catching up with me and I need the mods in order to make the game playable for 'ME'. Frustration at not being able to play a game; when I love to challenge myself and work out the story-lines and the nuances of each metaverse; your mods make them enjoyable again.
michgefragt 5 nov.
Awesome! Mods are very straight forward and I haven't ever had any issues. WeMod is HANDS DOWN the best modding platform out there. Their huge library of games cover most titles, and the ease of use is just amazing. I HIGHLY recommend using WeMod. And if you can afford it, going premium is the sure fire way to go.
StunkBug 13 ene.
Fantastic, as always. I don't have to replay everything I've done on a console so getting to bring myself up to speed let's me play with friends and the community the way I want to. Mods and Cheats have always made games fun, although now it's more difficult then opening DOS and //no_clipping on etc. Ah the good old days. Thanks for bringing us the joy of doing whatever the hell feels fun for us.
PositivePickle807 23 nov.
Once I've finished a game, I like to go back and play with some of the cheats enabled, just for fun. Wemod has been great for me, and seems to work flawlessly with the games I've tried it with so far. Keep up the good work! :)
LuckyCoat195 30 oct.
Hello. I'm a 50 year old man with a position of responsibility and with a son who is autistic. I don't have the time to die every 4 seconds in games so having a god mode allows me to escape reality for awhile without the frustration of grinding my way through adventures. With great knowledge, skill and education comes magnificence. Well done all those involved!
MightyDude 6 sep.
The mod is something i played before, i think prior to MrAntiFun's involvement in wemod and it didn't have nearly as many controllable and other features. my jaw dropped when i saw the fly option. this borderlands 3 trainer has to be the best representation of pure skill and dedication i've ever seen in any kind of trainer or most mods
OfficialCat532 15 ago.
Using these cheats is a great way to level your character up where you want them to be. Needs a way to work in other multiplayer lobbies instead of just your own and a way to just affect your character. Other than that this is really fun to use.
Dragoon1989 10 ago.
This modding program is great there is no hassle to it and you don't have to add and remove things from the game folders. You just download it and go to town. The only thing that took a little while was the instalation of it and thats just because of my PC.All in all i give it two thumbs up.
AtomicShark662 7 jul.
I LOVE using wemod! I really hope that I'll be able to support one day as this is a wonderful tool that I use a lot. For Borderlands there are some cheats that don't really work at times but most of the cheats work just fine. Thanks for all the development!
FFarm780q5y89 2 jul.
Very nice. Super convenient. Only 1 crashes so far. I hope you guys can manipulate in order to be able to get diamond keys. I am considering on buying a 1 month subscription to try the pro version. The price is low and the tools you get with it, including remote manipulation through phone is awesome. Thank you for your work!
Gairikb 21 may.
Awesome work! I'll support your work with a Pro version when WeMod has a payment method compatible with my card. If possible, please enable payment through Google Wallet or Google Playstore Code. Indian cards have some restrictions with international payment.
Trick_Pixel 6 may.
I had a very pleasurable experience playing with Wemod. I didn't really use many of the options,but having enough money at the get go was pretty nice. I think I'm going to maybe goof around with more of the characters too. Keep up the good work. Stay awesome.
NeutralLion507 14 mar.
I don't get a lot of time to play because of my son and his health needs. Using your tools to speed up the process or let me have a bit of fun faster is really great. Words can't describe my gratitude I hope you become a filthy rich billionaire <3
GeorgeSpelvin 10 mar.
Great stuff! One suggestion? Some tools have cheats grouped -- in Borderlands 3, each ammo type has its own toggle which leads to really long lists. I don't use any of those so what about about allowing sections like that to be compressed and put out of view?
VividHamster338 19 feb.
Thanks a bunch for your work. I'm more interested in story than developing subtle combat techniques, and dying lots in the process. That stuff is boring to me (the careful develop of skills, not the shooting critters). You make it possible for me to enjoy the game.
Nuthinfancy1349 18 feb.
After beating the game i wanted to try some of the other characters, however i didn't feel like going through that grind over again. With the cheats that WeMod has giving me, i definetly have no problem whatsoever going back through and replaying this time and time again. Thanks Wemod and Thank you Creator for giving me more hours of fun.
MagicalSponge474 17 feb.
Love WeMod, allows me to play my game in any way I choose, mostly I switch on high loot drop rate to avoid hours of lengthy farming. With over 9k hours in BL2 I reckon I've done my time, and it means I can just enjoy playing the game with the best available loot.
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