Idle Slayer cheats

Trainers and cheats for Steam

Idle Slayer

5 options

  • Instant Boost Cooldown
  • Unlimited Jumps
  • Set Game Speed
  • Add 1M Vg
  • Money Multiplier

Our Idle Slayer trainer has over 5 cheats and supports Steam. Cheat in this game and more with the WeMod app!

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Idle Slayer cheats screenshot Screenshot
Demo video preview Gameplay video
Download Download for Windows 85 MB Open our website on a Windows PC to download the app
Demo video preview Gameplay video
Jan 8, 2022
Game Version
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
Jan 8, 2022
Game Version
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7

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How do I use the cheats in Idle Slayer?
WeMod will safely display all of the games on your PC. Open a game from the list and simply press play. After the game loads and once you’re in-game, you can start enabling different cheats!
Will this work with my game version?
WeMod uses advanced technology to detect the game version you’re running and will let you know if it’s supported. If it’s not, you will still have the option of giving it a try or requesting an update!


ccrqsh 23 Jan
okok ab my last feedback thing i wanna apologize bc i didnt understand what i was doing ty for this tho
RoyalOnion139 22 Jan
very good just wish you had some stuff for roblox
LivingGoat500 20 Jan
DarkGaming27765 20 Jan
bruh remove this send thing pls
ashy324 17 Jan
i really liked the mod and i got every upgrade using it
HotRock393 16 Jan
i love this is much more easy to get stuff you cant but you need to include free dlc for other games that would be cool also
SpecialDust361 15 Jan
good thanks specialdust361
RegularRain391 15 Jan
ya bud good stuff
InstantSound242 14 Jan
is good game to hack on
PatientAlarm683 14 Jan
thisis over powerd
hi_Amahuman 14 Jan
literally amazing; no problems and ran smoothly
MagicLaptop799 14 Jan
gud maybe add a few other stat increasers
RoyalFire639 13 Jan
it helped make the game fun to play again
HelpfulZoo855 13 Jan
very fun, wish i had access to the late game currency as well
EqualZebra551 12 Jan
it works i tested all hecks it gud
OriginalBottle375 9 Jan
9.8/10. The only thing that is missing here is an souls booster, or and add souls option. Really happy with this and i wish to see a updating version whenever its out.
TropicalAlarm925 9 Jan
Literally the best thing ever.
specsX 9 Jan
good fun lol 18 mins and im the best LMAO
ArtisticDragon 9 Jan
I have been waiting for someone to make a mod for this for ages. I am so excited and the game it much more fast paced and a blast to play now. THANK YOU!!! ^w^
senpai123456789 8 Jan
was fun and reccomend it
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