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İndir Windows için İndir 85 MB
İndir Windows için İndir 85 MB
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Last Epoch hileler

Şunun için öğreticiler ve hileler: Steam

İndir Windows için İndir 85 MB
Şunun için öğreticiler ve hileler: Steam · 85mb
Last Epoch
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  • Sonsuz Sağlık
  • Sonsuz Mana
  • Becerilerin Anında Yenilenmesi
  • %100 Kritik Şans
  • %100 Para Düşürme Oranı
  • %100 Eşya Düşürme Oranı
  • Maksimum Düşen Eşya Nadirliği
  • Düşen Eşya Miktarı Çarpanı
  • Saldırı Hızını Ayarla
  • Büyü Atma Hızını Ayarla
  • Hareket Hızını Ayarla
  • Savunma Çarpanı
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  • Para Çarpanı
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  • Sınırsız Deneyim
  • Deneyim Çarpanı
  • Yetenek Seviyelerini & Yetenek Puanlarını Düzenle
  • Pasif Puanları Düzenle
  • Sağlık Yenilenmesini Düzenle
  • Mana Yenilenmesini Düzenle
  • Süper Hasar/Tek Vuruşta Öldürme
  • Hasar Çarpanı
  • Oyun Hızını Ayarla
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Last Epoch öğreticimizde 25 hile bulunmaktadır ve Steam platformu desteklemektedir. WeMod sayesinde bu oyunda ve çok daha fazlasında hile yap!

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20 Mar 2024
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Last Epoch öğreticimizde 25 hile bulunmaktadır ve Steam platformu desteklemektedir. WeMod sayesinde bu oyunda ve çok daha fazlasında hile yap!

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Last Epoch hilelerin ekran görüntüsü Ekran Görüntüsü
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20 Mar 2024
Oyun Sürümü
Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
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20 Mar 2024
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Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7

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EPGAH 16 Mar
I love it, Invincible, Immortal, Inexhaustible! Now I just need to pick which Class I want to be...Although with unlimited Passive Points, I can be them all at once!
Savant_Relven 6 Mar
I would love it if you can add an option to increase corruption! That would make this game much MUCH less time consuming. Thanks! You are the best!
Amirantha 1 Mar
It seemed OK. Would like to have a bit more control over what kind of drops we can focus on. It would be nice to set the rarity to like rare/epic etc rather than just "on or off"
QuazzyMoff 26 Şub
Amazing work as always. I'm always using these trainers to quickly try an experimental build without having to waste all my free time. Thank you for the hard work and fast updates!
ManualCake399 16 Şub
It as good, until I entered a new area and crashed. Since the game is in Beta, no idea if this was due to the Wemod or not.
FinalMask168 15 Oca
Thanks for keeping this up to date. Some times the unlimited mana will crash the game when moving between zones for some reason. Also, would it be possible to get way to set our companion limit? Cheers
CheerfulPumpkin881 2 Kas
Thank you updating Last Epoch for XP and Passive Points. Allows me the freedom to just sit back and play and feel like an epic fantasy character slaying monsters. All the the other mods work perfectly as well. Worth the price for Pro status for the amount of playtime I want to do.
FaisalZarif 8 Nis
It's working but could get into trouble with mcafee antivirus. I was told malwarebytes users have no issue. Also, I would appreciate it if more options are given, e.g.100x exp.
ImprovedPickle513 6 Nis
Thank you for this mod it was a life saver it helped me beat a boss that i was having trouble with you guys rock :)
Knightmaregod 31 Mar
GREAT MODS maybe add unlimited passive points and the Essences that allow you to upgrade to a legendary. Thanks!
FabledMoon 30 Oca
Cheats work just fine, thanks! Mana is such a pain in this game, having an infinite amount makes it 100% funnier to play. I would love to see more than these cheats if possible, though. Something to have infinite forging items and forging potential on equipment, or maybe something for the loot chances ? I know it exists with Cheat Engine tables, so maybe it's doable here too ? Thanks again for your work
Forbidden69 25 Eki
I appreciate the time you spent on this ... for all of us that really do want to play the games OUR WAY!! *tips hat* Thank you!
Bearded_Owl 6 Eki
Thank you for the cheats. Please if possible add cheats that will give us items for the forge, would be perfect :)
brude1234 20 Eyl
thanks it works like a charm on some but still good so far just wish there was more stuff can be added on there
ExpertYarn675 4 Haz
gold/mana/potions still works unlimited health does not with current version. but works for what i wanted good work.
TypicalRain240 25 May
cool cheat, wish this cheat had passive points / exp would be very useful for trying new builds. ty for your hardwork.
taiboxa 20 Nis
Still Needs More features, Godmod imo is the least useful feature on Mods. It practically kills the game. The actual fun comes from being able to Mod your character w/ unique skills and stats that are otherwise impossible... i.e. giving yourself 2x as many skill pts or early access to lvl restricted abilities otherwise.
joshstang_69 25 Mar
Needs more options. (i.e. unlimited crafting items, double weapon damage, etc.) But still you have covered the basics, so Bravo!
UnsavoryDeath 23 Mar
Thank you guys so much for making mods for all the games, including this one. I don't have much time for games and when I do I don't want to beat my head against a wall with difficulty. Keep up the amazing work!
NamelessOne77 24 Şub
Good News Guys , I have played through the whole campaign and the trainer still works fine. Hope it stays that way
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