Plague Inc: Evolved cheaty

Darmowe mody i trenery dla Plague Inc: Evolved oraz tysiące Twoich ulubionych gier PC dla jednego gracza — wszystko w jednym miejscu.

Pobierz Pobierz na Windowsa 85 MB
Pobierz Pobierz na Windowsa 85 MB
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Plague Inc: Evolved cheaty

Trainery i cheaty do Steam

Pobierz Pobierz na Windowsa 85 MB
Trainery i cheaty do Steam · 85mb
Plague Inc: Evolved
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6 dostępny mod

  • Nieograniczone punkty DNA
  • Brak lekarstwa
  • Szybka infekcja
  • Otwarte granice
  • Otwarte lotnisko
  • Otwarty port morski
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cheaty Plague Inc: Evolved zrzut ekranu App

Nasz trainer dla Plague Inc: Evolved ma 6 cheat i wspiera Steam. Pomóż sobie w tej grze i innych z aplikacją WeMod!

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16 lis 2022
Wersja gry
Win 11, Win 10, Win 8.1, Win 7


Nasz trainer dla Plague Inc: Evolved ma 6 cheat i wspiera Steam. Pomóż sobie w tej grze i innych z aplikacją WeMod!

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cheaty Plague Inc: Evolved zrzut ekranu Zrzut ekranu
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16 lis 2022
Wersja gry
Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
Always free, always safe
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16 lis 2022
Wersja gry
Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7

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MinimalProse372 24 gru
Really great unlocked all of the viruses and even then some of them took multiple tries but thats cuz how HARD IT GETS!!!! Also i recommend like a "unlock all cheats" thing (the ones in the game) or unlock all genes to put in your virus or make prefabs or saves of things you evolved like if u evolved cough and sneeze and labled it as something and able to reload it in any disease or virus whatever
FinalBike855 28 gru
I was a little annoyed that I had to pay for pro to use any mods for Plague Inc. Then I played with the mods and was impressed. Would recommend
Gamyr 26 sie
Very interesting. Last game ended in a stalemate. Nothing had been noticed, and the 'plague' was up to three people.
niceguyLOL 30 kwi
wow this works super good but i really like this game will never use cheats definitley reccomend wemod for a fun time on the custom virus games
mrwallace888 7 mar
I love how I just start and like a million infection bubbles start popping up everywhere on the map, enough to lag the game lmao
ImLiterallyGold 20 lut
It was so funny seeing it actually worked, honestly this is a piece of cake to use. I hope there is an update in the future!
DerangedBag2461 12 sty
does what it says it will unlike other modding stuff. although it would be nice to have stuff for the cure DLC. but i rate it a 8/10
RemoteThunder306 8 sty
Keep up the great work! I'm blown away to find a application that doesn't give me viruses when i use it! I'm so happy 😃
ryu_nightangel 3 wrz
even with the warning about my version of the game all cheats work with a slight lag but nothing to bad
Muscle_Mans 18 sie
ngl i was really thinking this site was gonna scam me some how but it well didn't and it works really well oh and i'm not a bot dumb dumb
MrPhister 26 lip
Says it's not compatible, but I had no problem using unlimited DNA points to reduce humanity to an undead horde in a matter of months.
Lord_Gelion 17 cze
played using the DNA and that was very useful though having an option to set how many points would have been much better option as getting over 9 thousand was a bit much to use in the "Cure" game. Haven't tried the other option yet in the normal game play yet
JollyCheater69 13 cze
Inf DNA work's upto this date, I say this because wm said may not work with current version of my game.
ExpertCrayon134 28 maj
helps to get all the genes and scenariosunlocked so you can play with all genes without waiting a few days of grinding
PlainQuill456 25 maj
Just great, finally FINALLY able to somewhat beat the game on the hardest mode and its just fun to see the biggest contenent (russia) just get red dots appeared all over it in secconds!
ActualKitten447 12 maj
I love it so much before it didint work and I sent a message and now it works!! thank you so muhc WEMOD!! keep up the good work guys c; c:
SensibleZipper819 28 lut
no crashing and did not mess with my pc, and was fun does need say eveything wont work unless you active everything before hand but yes works perfect thank
tmsp96 16 lut
My game wouldn't allow me to use the Unlimited DNA Points, No Cure, or Fast Infection for some reason, but other than that it was a really good game play.
LinearStranger859 11 lut
Thank you for creating this sorta cheat sheet you could call it but thank you for this otherwise idnot learn how to win with some games
Neko_ZMC 1 lut
i am super happy the mod was updated but i would be more happy if they could update it again and the update would be adding more features
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