Triches de God of War

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God of War

15 options

  • Mode Dieu / Ignorer les coups reçus
  • Santé illimitée
  • Rage illimitée
  • Flèches illimitées
  • Récupération instantanée des aptitudes
  • Multiplicateur de défense
  • Définir la vitesse de jeu
  • Modifier Hacksilver
  • Multiplicateur de Hacksilver
  • Ignorer les exigences d'artisanat/de mise à niveau
  • Modifier XP
  • Multiplicateur XP
  • Un coup = Un coup étourdissant
  • Kills instantanés
  • Multiplicateur de dégâts

Notre trainer God of War a plus de 15 triches et prend en charge Steam et Epic Games. Triche dans ce jeu et plus encore avec l'application WeMod!

129 009 membres WeMod jouent à ce jeu.

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Capture d'écran de triches de God of War Capture d'écran
Aperçu de la vidéo démo Vidéo de gameplay
Mis à jour
23 janv. 2022
Version du jeu
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
129 009
Mis à jour
23 janv. 2022
Version du jeu
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
129 009

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Comment puis-je utiliser les triches dans God of War?
WeMod affichera en toute sécurité tous les jeux sur ton PC. Ouvre un jeu de la liste et appuie simplement sur jouer. Après le chargement du jeu et une fois que tu es en jeu, tu peux commencer à activer les codes de triches différents!
Est-ce que cela fonctionnera avec ma version de jeu?
WeMod utilise une technologie avancée pour détecter la version du jeu que tu utilises et t'informera si elle est prise en charge. Si ce n’est pas le cas, tu auras toujours la possibilité de l’essayer ou de demander une mise à jour!


AbsoluteDolphin571 6 mars
Awesome fun to play games i love that are story based on another play through with mods, always keeps things interesting, keep up the good work :)
MobileSnake510 19 févr.
thank you, yes you reading this, I mean it, YOU are awesome, have a great day, and know that without you, this would not be possible. I'm high fiving you virtually.
BlakeAVG 15 févr.
I enjoy playing games through Wemod. I have a hectic work schedule and Wemod helps me play the game without the frustrations of dying again and again. Games are supposed to make you feel like god and are a great escape from reality. Wemod helps to achive godmod in games (literally :))
maroonclock 3 févr.
Honestly dev, I have used trainers for 15 years of mindless fun and never seen anything that seems so thoroughly tested so that it works without bugs.. HUGE thank you for existing
billyboyclyde 2 févr.
Awesome! Being able to get that extra help just when you need it, is amazing. Makes the play experience that much more enjoyable, especially when just starting a game and the enemies are tougher than your current equipment.
BoldToad603 26 janv.
Great job you guys!!! You make games even more enjoyable and replayable. Your dev skills are fantastic and you should be proud of yourselves! Stabllity is great!
Rex_Vanquisher 23 janv.
First time using a WeMod for God of War, already beaten the game but the pains of farming rare mats at an end game activities plus my many attempts at Sigrun... ah thanks! Much appreciated!
ItsInTheJeans 22 janv.
i have to say never use mods not very smart with files and all that stuff but wemod truly makes the system and process very easy for a new pc gamer like me
AbyssalSeaweed 21 janv.
Hey FLiNG, thanks for making this trainer. After beating this game twice on the PS4 and now finally able to play it on PC, I really appreciate being able to breeze through the game. Thanks to this trainer, I truly feel like a "God of War" lol.
ElegantSnake790 21 janv.
You guys are amazing. This is the best and quickest way to enjoy the game. If ever I could thank you by donating or buying pro, I will, but first I'll have to earn money HAHA
VenomStar84 21 janv.
Using a few cheats to fully enjoy the game without stress. Beat it once on PS4, so this time its to enjoy the beauty on PC. Thanks for making this possible.
ConstantCoder238 20 janv.
This has made a few games actually more enjoyable.. I use just a few tweaks to enable weapon features and such but stayaway from unlimited golds, items, or god mode so I can still die within the games but find them more enjoyable. Thank you for building this awesome application!
GasMonkey101 18 janv.
thanks dev for the god of war trainer, played this game so many times on ps4 i lost count and didnt want to regrind new game plus again. Thanks for this. :D
FunkyMasonkey 17 janv.
Mods work great, and I am glad the mods were added A DAY after I wrote a request on and boosted this game. Thank ya'll for adding the Mods so quickly.
Esteven94 17 janv.
I have finished God of War twice and I thought since it's on PC I would play it modded. So I'm so glad to have found this trainer, but even better it works with so many of my favorite games. I can't wait to play other games with this trainer.
LivingPlant96 17 janv.
The cheats are working flawlessly, i don't have a lot of time to play and grind so this way i can cut the need to explore every nook and cranny to get resources for upgrades
neosigma0 16 janv.
Amazing that you got this out so quickly! now it feels like i'm back to playing on the same level i left Kratos at on my PS4, but with ultrawide screen and crisper visuals! thanks so much! :D
AbleTwig895 16 janv.
I'm impressed how quickly these were uploaded. I didn't experience any issues, I have already beat this game twice on PlayStation and wanted to try it on PC with cheats. It was an amazing experience. Thank you
RuanitoLoks 16 janv.
Excellent options, wonderful experience and it came out sooner than I expected. FLiNG deserves all the best for the amazing work he has made with this trainer. God bless!
CheerfulShirt73 16 janv.
Thank you! im loving the cheats so far i was hoping for an attribute cheat but the bonuses don't really matter with when we got a one hit kill or a multiplier option
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