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Descargar Descargar para Windows 85 MB
Descargar Descargar para Windows 85 MB
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Trampas para Forager

Trainers y trampas para Steam y Xbox

Descargar Descargar para Windows 85 MB
Trainers y trampas para Steam y Xbox · 85mb
WeMod is the #1 trainer & cheats app for PC games Always free, always safe

6 mods disponibles

  • Salud Ilimitada
  • Energía Ilimitada
  • Establecer Puntos de Habilidad
  • Establecer Exp
  • Establecer Oro
  • Artículos de Inventario Ilimitados
Vista previa de la demo Gameplay
captura de pantalla de las trampas de Forager App

Nuestro trainer Forager tiene más de 6 trampas y es compatible con Steam y Xbox. ¡Trampas para este juego y más con la aplicación WeMod!

About WeMod

26 jun 2023
Win 11, Win 10


Nuestro trainer Forager tiene más de 6 trampas y es compatible con Steam y Xbox. ¡Trampas para este juego y más con la aplicación WeMod!

Estas trampas son parte de nuestra colección PC Game Pass.

Más información sobre WeMod

captura de pantalla de las trampas de Forager Captura de pantalla
Vista previa de la demo Video del juego
26 jun 2023
Windows 11, Windows 10
Always free, always safe
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26 jun 2023
Windows 11, Windows 10

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¿Cómo utilizo las trampas para Forager?
WeMod mostrará todos los juegos en tu PC de forma segura. Abre un juego de la lista y simplemente pulsa jugar. Cuando el juego se haya cargado y estés in-game, ¡podrás empezar a activar las diferentes trampas!
¿Funcionará esto con mi versión del juego?
WeMod utiliza tecnología avanzada para detectar la versión del juego que tienes y te informará si es compatible. Si no es así, ¡todavía tendrás la opción de probarlo o solicitar una actualización!


LostFog690 30 mar.
i love these ,ods to just enjpy my gamplay nad venture to places i never had capabilities to
LostModder485 17 ene.
This is amazing specially for relaxing on some games. I hope in the there's a way to have Pro without using any credit card so I can exprience it for a while :D thank you for making wemod!
SwiftFog213 8 jul.
thanks for making this - forager was getting a little bit too complicated for me, i know it's an easy game and everything but i play games to relax, not to feel like work and finishing the game was starting to feel too much like work! thanks again! =)
RationalChalk619 16 mar.
it was really good but i would like if i could 1 shot every mob and mine everything in one shot
PowerfulPizza164 30 ene.
very fun but discover that if you add xp while in skills menu you crash when exiting but well done love the cheats man
ShunnedBroom279 27 mar.
Everything worked well. The only issue was the gold cheat, but it didnt even matter. Good job! Keep pushing quality work.
bbgroot72 14 mar.
Works awesome! Have played it without WeMod already and it was a grind. Nice to start a fresh game with these cheats to do more experimenting and see the results quicker. Thank you!
FairBike150 9 mar.
thanks for this mod always wanted to start a world with all skills done
EqualSquirrel336 11 dic.
so good at first i thought i needed to upgrade to pro to modbut then i saw all i had to do was to press the hotkeys. thank you!
VividLobster862 27 nov.
good but i loaded to many ep lol good game your a good cheat place
CompetentSeed195 12 sep.
Very well made. but at a certain point i cant gain anymore gold and i have to collect it manually
BoldSnake694 7 sep.
make the infinite resources go to 999 trillion pls because i cant make anymore droids
TayterTawsh 4 sep.
Thank you for making a mod for Forager - one thing (and it could be me) the gold isn't registering with the game UNTIL I entered the Market's menu. Is it me? It might be me.
SillySmile922 31 jul.
It's really good. The unlimited energy worked good, and it helped a lot with the maze. 10/10.
dredegiant1 17 jul.
The cheats I used worked wonderfully! Didn't try Set Gold or Set Exp yet
OfficialSnake540 27 jun.
first time ever using this programs so far its pretty freaking cool i plan on using it way more thank you
OfficialParcel302 20 may.
OK, if I want to do this, I will. Making me do it is starting to annoy me.
LiquidDolphin538 19 abr.
thanks but maybe make exp per click more so it doesnt take that long to get max level but still awesome
Cyborg_Mike 15 abr.
It was good but can you make the infinite inventory give 1m items instead of 1k 1k isnt helpful for the fish traps
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