Trampas para Craftopia

Trainers y trampas para Steam y Xbox

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10 opciones

  • Salud ilimitada
  • Alma ilimitada
  • No Hunger
  • Energía Ilimitada
  • Dinero Ilimitado
  • Super Damage
  • Easy Craft
  • Easy Age Evolution
  • Puntos de Habilidad ilimitados
  • Unlimited Durability

Nuestro trainer Craftopia tiene más de 10 trampas y es compatible con Steam y Xbox. ¡Trampas para este juego y más con la aplicación WeMod!

46.203 miembros de WeMod juegan este juego.

Más información sobre WeMod

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5 jul 2022
Versión del juego
Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
5 jul 2022
Versión del juego
Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7

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¿Cómo utilizo las trampas para Craftopia?
WeMod mostrará todos los juegos en tu PC de forma segura. Abre un juego de la lista y simplemente pulsa jugar. Cuando el juego se haya cargado y estés in-game, ¡podrás empezar a activar las diferentes trampas!
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WeMod utiliza tecnología avanzada para detectar la versión del juego que tienes y te informará si es compatible. Si no es así, ¡todavía tendrás la opción de probarlo o solicitar una actualización!


SensibleWave105 24 jul.
the game got so hard at one point, but thanks to the absolutly brilliant and genius developer i managed to use easy craft cheat and it was just sooooo good to be true. Very thankful <3
Dead_PoolMachine1990 28 jun.
The cheats work amazingly and I appreciate all the hard work you've put into making such awesome cheats thank you so much;)
CoolTurtle276 13 mar.
Thank you for helping, these devs are making requirments way to large and takes the fun out of the game. so this helps
thomwalks 10 mar.
I was suprised that it actually worked as i searched online and found nothing for the game i play. Farming is a little slow so this helped a bunch!
juniorzaaa 3 feb.
still use able in current version but be aware of crashing during save and exit. You should rely on auto save instead
CoolPlate138 22 ene.
This allowed me to get into areas that i did not actually have armor for. Now i will be able to craft better armor.
Magus_Blackwater 15 ene.
all options seem to be working perfectly. didnt want to start a new map to see if easy age evolution works, but i believe it should be.
jameswade1031 10 ene.
very good mods with the way the game works, hope to see more good mods like this in the future please continue to keep making great mods i use your program for most of my games
DomesticDaddy42 8 nov.
It was amazing love the new mods but i would like a way to advance generations like if its a new game immediatly be able to craft titanium
StarkRyder 28 sep.
It allowed me to test out the abilities without having to spend to respec. Now I have a better idea of which are worth the investment. Thanks!
SillySnail513 22 sep.
Ay man, thanks for making these mods bro, I seriously appreciate it. Your mods helped make my game so much better.
Vividos1 15 sep.
Excellent set of cheats, makes the achievement farming super easy. Even with unlimited health, there are explosions that can kill you which is ok, you need to die once for fainting for that achievement. Nice work overall, 1000/1000 in about 3-4 hours once you figure out how the game works.
jameswade1031 15 sep.
you guys did a amazing job with this game putting in the mods for it i love it now, makes it actually feel like i can have fun in this game keep up the good work thank you all
ManualMask693 22 may.
Thank you! about half of them worked great. idk if im using the easy craft right but i dont think that one worked
BlockyBlip 14 may.
It's okay, but some stuff, like Easy Craft and Easy Evolution don't work. Also, Super Damage only works on One and Two Handed weapons, not the bow. Still, better than the other stuff I've tried for this game. Very simple to install and use.
SimpleYarn314 5 may.
thank you so much for all your hard work on here , it really helps the game and the experience for all of us. thank you again.
CasualZoo710 2 may.
they work though i think "Easy Craft" should be renamed "fast Craft". its a bit misleading. but happy with update thanks
AnnieUok 13 mar.
easy craft and unlimited money are not working, unlimited skill points work wonderfully, haven't had the chance to test the rest yet
PerfectRabbit178 16 feb.
Made the passive leveling a lot easier with the full SkillPoints :) The easy craft sadly isn't working right now but thats ok, I don't mind grinding. Thank you!
RandomKarma 10 feb.
thank you some of the trainer still works like stamina damage money i didnt try the rest only wanted those
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