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Browse trainers and mods for over 1151 single-player games from our community.

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We make modding easy with automatic game version detection and in-app customization.
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What gamers are Saying

Joshua Kotzé
@Joshua Kotzé
To be honest it sounded too good to be true, but it works! thank you again for letting me mess around in single player without browsing any shady sites.
It’s much easier than having to install trainers for each game as it’s easy to use and the interface is not only designed well, but easy to navigate through.
I love WeMod because finally there is somebody who made cheating safe in single player games. I have always loved to have that power to cheat in games.
I’ll just say that it’s probably the best all in one software out there for gamers such as myself. I would also recommend going for the Pro Version, the remote on my cellphone just makes life much much more convenient.
WeMod makes cheating in games beginner friendly... it is genuinely is the best cheating tool on the internet right now and the fact that it is free is crazy.
With over 400 game mods (and growing) already available, the WeMod app is a must have for anyone looking to mod their game.
WeMod has been my 1 stop shop for pc game cheats because of its user friendly interface and hassle free “mods” no other cheat programs comes close!
Constantly updated by an amazing community, virus-free, and it’s all free! What more would you want?
I’ve been using WeMod for around 3 years. It is a rare sight to see from any developer these days actually listen to their community and furthermore, continue development without forcing users to pay.
All the trainers you wish for are in one app, there’s no need to download anymore trainers again!!! I give this whole website and app a 10/10 for user friendliness.
...If you want to try a few cheats to boost your experience, then this is by far the best choice... 10/10 cheating experience.
WeMod makes it possible for me to have fun with games that would otherwise be spoiled by a difficulty curve that makes reaching the end impossible.
The community at WeMod is fantastic, competent staff and an overall great user base. Always welcoming beginners to the advanced modders to the community with open arms.
WeMod is awesome... and often has far more cheats than any of the paid trainers. Definitely the best place to go when you need help with a game.
I use the WeMod app because it makes single-player games far more enjoyable for more casual (and less skilled) gamers like myself... Almost 70% of my entire game collection is supported by Infinity...
The app is a wonderful tool to use in games when you’ve finished the main campaign or feel like the game is too hard to unlock certain things, or you simply just want to have fun.