Drug Dealer Simulator Cheats

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Drug Dealer Simulator

7 Optionen

  • Gegenstand auf Menge 1 setzen
  • Gegenstand auf Menge 2 setzen
  • Gegenstand auf Menge 3 setzen
  • Gegenstand auf Menge 4 setzen
  • Unbegrenzte Ausdauer
  • 1K XP hinzufügen
  • 10 Fähigkeitspunkte hinzufügen

Unser Drug Dealer Simulator Trainer hat over 7 Cheats und unterstützt Steam. Du kannst in diesem Spiel cheaten und mehr mit der WeMod App!

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Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7

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UltimateSound621 8 Aug
Add a way to modify exposition and risk factor pls :)
QuietPurpose130 21 Apr
thank you so much for all the time you put into make the game a little easyer for someone like me
superdankdizzle 14 Mär
Works very well but remember to change the keybinds to something of your own!! Silly me wondered why i couldnt use my keypad to type in the quantity but of course doing that i was pressing the keybinds.. Do not do this!!!! Thanks for the cheats though! Great Job!
StaticTurtle531 13 Mär
great program its the best well done to the developer
TheLegend09 12 Mär
it needs a better item number thing. or able to spawn a duffle bag full or money or drugs
Baalbishta 10 Dez
more cheats would be cool like increasing speed and no police detection :)
New_Lee 9 Nov
I love this mod it helps with redoing the game to test out new things
ABCDEFG_1912 3 Okt
very very good game, any chance you could put a money cheat on
Niko_Belmont 29 Jun
Thanks! The cheats work great! I think the only one I had trouble with was the cheat that added 1k exp. I followed the instructions and it didn't seem to work! Otherwise great cheats.
ImprovedLeaf196 30 Apr
Absolutely love the cheat table!!! Only con I see is the lack of a reputation cheat, other than that this is perfect.
Oggamer40 10 Apr
Thanks for the help, makes casual gaming fun and......casual :D
SimpleScorpion865 17 Mär
omg you saved me hours of waiting for sugar to get back in stock from the gas station. THANK YOU!!!!
TalentedStone407 6 Mär
very good. Add money or duplicate item would be awesome
OrganicBucket872 26 Feb
still works but id like to see more features eg. police dont search you
bongs4dayz420 24 Feb
Love this trainer! Helps a lot when I'm running low on cash, drugs or skill points LMAO love it
LuckyOnion616 24 Feb
hey, man you really are a life saver. i would love to get a mod where you can increase the amount of kilos in a button
OrganicBucket872 21 Feb
still works good work maybe add more fetures if ur still working on this :)
appleuser29i89083 18 Feb
Pretty good cheats like I said last time but maybe as a suggestion to wemod after submitting a message to a developer make it so you do not have to send 50 more it can become annoying when you have just finished your game you go to close wemod and this popup happens
Hypnotik96 16 Feb
The "Add 10 backpack size" and "add 10 backpack weight" aren't working
McKevin 5 Feb
good menu, but would like an option to change pocket size.
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