Dishonored cheats

Trainers and cheats for Steam


9 options

  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Mana
  • Unlimited Oxygen
  • Invisibility
  • No Blink Cooldown
  • Infinite Blink Distance
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Perfect Accuracy
  • Unlimited Items

Our Dishonored trainer has over 9 cheats and supports Steam. Cheat in this game and more with the WeMod app!

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Demo video preview Gameplay video
May 29, 2018
Game Version
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
May 29, 2018
Game Version
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7

This sounds too good to be true, is it?

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How do I use the cheats in Dishonored?
WeMod will safely display all of the games on your PC. Open a game from the list and simply press play. After the game loads and once you’re in-game, you can start enabling different cheats!
Will this work with my game version?
WeMod uses advanced technology to detect the game version you’re running and will let you know if it’s supported. If it’s not, you will still have the option of giving it a try or requesting an update!


BrilliantCheese571 11 Apr
Worked great, only bad thing was if you turned on unlimited items when you wanted to upgrade something it would give you max amount of that item and then you couldn't remove the items you had and play normally unless you reloaded a safe. Overall worked perfectly everywhere else, really enjoyed it.
CptDynamic 9 Apr
its fun to be able to give the game a sort of new game plus feel when the option is not there.
Aiden0 8 Apr
This Is Sooo Good With This Trainer,but i think you need to do 1 more cheat to game, This Cheats are Spawn Daud's Assassins infinite,with This Cheat I Willbe so happy with you guys and i will buy The Pro Upgrade if you do what a saying to create.
ConcreteGamer660 14 Mar
It works so well! Made the whole experience so much better. Thank you!
CodenameBlackTiger 12 Mar
good mods and trainers works as advertised, very fun
Slav_47 9 Mar
Helped me get 100%, by using cheats to help with the BS Dunwall City Trials achievemnets.
DistantWorm708 7 Mar
Very well put together. Interested in seeing more from this developer.
slainejam 6 Mar
Thank you for your nice job ! Very good trainer ;)
SOULFOX777 5 Mar
i love using the power espeicly the blink, the infinate range and unlimatad mana is so fun
DaedalusWren 28 Feb
Worked like a charm. Thank you for your dedication to the gaming community in making these trainers. It is much appreciated by those that enjoy the story, but tire of the PITA getting to the end of it. Cheers.
AtomicTiger976 28 Feb
Thank you for the Cheats (idk what you would call them but thanks anyway :D)
DesiredRing367 27 Feb
This client is amazing. The ease of use for those who don't have the money to pay for pro is really nice. I look forward to being able to support this in the future. Thanks to everyone who spends their time producing good ass cheats
SuperiorEagle345 24 Feb
The app is really goood, amazing.I just install is because of dishonord. this app makes dishonored 10 times better with infinte mana or magic. Truly amazing app!!!!
green_ibis 21 Feb
Thank you. hope there was an option to stop/pause time in trials.
SillyButton854 19 Feb
could use infinite time stop but apart from that its good
FamousEgg482 19 Feb
Well done! I've had so much fun using this for Dishonored, certainly makes the game a bit more fun!
UrgentOctopus962 18 Feb
Nice work - your mod is simple and elegant, and works beautifully.
thefinale1 16 Feb
this thing is old af but this thing wants me to say thanks so thanks bro
Zero1409 8 Feb
I appreciate your software, It's awesome. Thanks WeMod's developer so much
clothx 5 Feb
thank you so much for creating this fun new way to play games and explore the different ways to play
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