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Baixar Baixar para Windows 85 MB
Baixar Baixar para Windows 85 MB
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IXION cheats

Trainers e cheats para Steam

Baixar Baixar para Windows 85 MB
Trainers e cheats para Steam · 85mb
WeMod is the #1 trainer & cheats app for PC games Always free, always safe

36 mods disponíveis

  • Recursos Ilimitados
  • Editar Liga
  • Editar Eletrônicos
  • Editar Polímero
  • Editar Alimentos
  • Editar Resíduos
  • Editar Cápsulas Criônicas
  • Editar Gelo
  • Editar Ferro
  • Editar Carbono
  • Editar Silício
  • Editar Hidrogênio
  • Ciência Ilimitada
  • Integridade do Casco Ilimitada
  • 0 Consumo de Energia
  • Confiança Máxima
  • Construtor Ignora Materiais Necessários
  • Construção Rápida de Edifícios
  • Construção Rápida de Navios
  • Pesquisa Rápida
  • ZA WARUDO! [Parada no Tempo]
  • Multiplicador da Capacidade de Estoque
  • Modificador de Quantidade do Transportador de Estoque
  • Pode Adicionar Recursos no Estoque
  • Desativar Casco
  • Desativar Confiança
  • Navios Viajam Instantaneamente
  • Desativar Autonomia de Navios
  • Construir Navios Instantaneamente
  • Opções de Evento Completas Instantaneamente
  • Construir Edifícios Instantaneamente
  • Desativar Acidentes de Construção
  • Desativar Morte de Cidadãos
  • Desativar Lesões de Cidadãos
  • Desativar Fome de Cidadãos
  • Velocidade do Jogo
Prévia de vídeo demonstrativo Gameplay
Captura de tela de cheats do IXION App

Nosso trainer do IXION tem mais de 36 cheats e suporta Steam. Use cheats nesse jogo e muito mais com o aplicativo WeMod!

About WeMod

11 de mai. de 2023
Win 11, Win 10


Nosso trainer do IXION tem mais de 36 cheats e suporta Steam. Use cheats nesse jogo e muito mais com o aplicativo WeMod!

Saiba mais sobre o WeMod

Captura de tela de cheats do IXION Captura de tela
Prévia de vídeo demonstrativo Vídeo da gameplay
11 de mai. de 2023
Windows 11, Windows 10
Always free, always safe
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Trusted by over 10M gamers worldwide.

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11 de mai. de 2023
Windows 11, Windows 10

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O WeMod é sempre seguro e gratuito graças à nossa comunidade de milhões de gamers ao redor do mundo. Somos sustentados pelos assinantes do WeMod Pro. Confira nossas avaliações no Trustpilot.

Como uso as cheats no IXION?
O WeMod mostrará com segurança todos os jogos do seu PC. Abra um jogo da lista e simplesmente pressione Jogar. Depois que o jogo for carregado e quando estiver em jogo, você poderá começar a ativar diferentes cheats!
Vai funcionar com a minha versão do jogo?
O WeMod usa tecnologia avançada para detectar a versão do jogo que você está rodando e avisar se é suportada. Se não for, você ainda terá a opção de tentar assim mesmo ou solicitar uma atualização!


LivingGamer898 26 mar
Man this game was really good, and pretty hard to play without this trainer even in easy mode.
OpticalMoon722 28 fev
good.thaknks just about unlimited resourecs when we make unlimited resoure the resurec container will be full of all resources and to access and move this all esources we will face some truoble
HiddenCrown870 12 jan
thanks for this mod, works great! i found out that launching the mods while the game is loading, works best.
Coastal_Red 7 jan
Great trainer but the No Accidents option doesn't work
WiseChicken931 5 jan
apart from a bug with vryopods only spawning non-worker everything was great
GhostGus 2 dez
Geeked out a little but still an amazingsservice. If I had the cash I would buy the premium to support you guys.
Evolvedbullet 15 nov
Theirs some issues on the 'Edit "GOOD" ' but I realize you need that good to 'update' and it'll reflect your edit command. This doesnt happen all the time but it's better then nothing. Other cheats are real life savers, 8/10 trainer overall, pleased with it.
StunningCactus748 13 nov
the storage sometimes doenst clickso you have stence it for destruction than cancel it and it will sync in
FrozenGamer667 21 out
Help me pass through IXION ,I really can't make it myself
SuperKangaroo857 26 mai
Works great, and the fact that WebMod supports game patches as much as they do..., this really is where WeMod shines. The interface is amazing quality and should be said. WeMod gives so much, A big Thankyou.
CheerfulGoat388 26 mar
Thank you all who make this possible! you're the greatest!
Masuvious 28 fev
Mods are performing well. Really appreciate the hard work
SpencerGR 13 fev
I've only used WeMod once, but from what I've seen so far, there's great potential. Overall it was a good experience. I wish I could turn off the hotkeys as they interfere with key mappings in the game, which I'm already used to. Or remapping the hotkeys on the WeMod end of things would be nice too. All in all, great work so far and I look forward to seeing how WeMod works in other games!
Jimjamborino 22 dez
Loving the game. Cheats are working very decently. Unlimited resources is a bit of a cluster madness that the second so i've been using the edit manual ones instead. Appreciate all the hard work!
SomeRandomGuy456 21 dez
good but an option to remove all resources from a storage would be great
MadMarquez 14 dez
Made a profoundly boring game entertaining. Thank you;.
FrozenBox650 13 dez
This makes the game far less painful, thank you very much
RoyalCoat964 13 dez
It work and no issue with gameplay.. Smooth process to activate too..
StunningSail819 13 dez
Very fun game, been a long time since one came along. Solid work.
Randomogirl03 10 dez
you are the frigging best, I searched everywhere for help, this game is so frustrating, but you guys are worth the $$ Thanks again!!
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