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트레이너 및 치트 Steam · 85mb
Sekiro Shadows Die Twice
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11개의 치트

  • 무제한 체력
  • Unlimited Guard
  • Unlimited Buff Duration
  • 즉시 디버프 제거
  • 더 나은 잠입
  • One-Hit Kills
  • 무제한 아이템
  • 돈 무제한
  • 무제한 스킬 포인트
  • 메가 경험치
  • Set Attack Power
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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice 치트 스크린샷 App

WeMod의 Sekiro Shadows Die Twice 트레이너는 11개의 치트를 제공하며 Steam 버전을 지원합니다. WeMod 앱으로 치트를 이용하세요!

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2020. 10. 28.
게임 버전
20. 11. 5.
Win 11, Win 10, Win 8.1, Win 7


WeMod의 Sekiro Shadows Die Twice 트레이너는 11개의 치트를 제공하며 Steam 버전을 지원합니다. WeMod 앱으로 치트를 이용하세요!

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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice 치트 스크린샷 스크린샷
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2020. 10. 28.
게임 버전
20. 11. 5.
Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
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2020. 10. 28.
게임 버전
20. 11. 5.
Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7

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PowerfulEagle888 14 9월
to the developer of this mod, THANKS A LOT!. you have made playing this extremely difficult game enjoyable and very less frustating.
ViableTurtle667 10 9월
man i love this, my previous save just got corrupted for idek what reason, couldnt import any external saves from the internet as well, so thought might as well just mod it to reach the point i was at previously, this app is godsent for real
SensibleDuck616 14 8월
this is very very good as i was stuck in a place which was very hard but it helped me clear that place. A big thanks once more <3
SergeiJohnny6492 30 7월
Amazing =D Just want something for my soundboard, but my saves got buried, not feeling like defeating a certain someone (or multiple here)!
XilaNex 11 5월
thanks lads! had a blast finally being able to enjoy the combat and finally being able to see some more of the story on my own screen instead of youtube!
EvilMP 3 1월
Thank you for all the hard work. This helps me out a lot since the fine motor skills (nerve damage) in my right hand and arm prevent me from getting the timing down when playing Sekiro normally. Much appreciated.
Avanea 21 11월
Thank you so much. I love FromSoft games but only ever play as ranged so the fast-paced melee combat of sekiro was killing me. These mods allow me to actually enjoy playing the game without sinking time I genuinely don't have around work into learning a whole new playstyle
KindZebra870 4 10월
Using Wemod is the only thing that makes this game playable. Without it, the boss fights would have to be repeated so many times. I can attempt the boss several times and if it gets too boring, I can then utilize wemod to help me move the story along.
WiseZoo747 15 9월
Great work devs. It is because of people like you I can enjoy the story of the game no matter how tough the game is. Lots of Love!
Pacat 29 8월
its cool tho, but i have a small problem with it... you can turn on cheats using Keybinds but you cant turn a cheat on in the app WTF?!
WiseAvocado366 19 7월
well i had sekiro beard mod and after i use this wemod sekiro's head has dissapeared. Only clothes and kusabimaru is going around lol
BOOMBOX72018 10 7월
all's i got's to say is you guys rock for giving us old players that have kids/no time for a challenge just want to run threw a story and have fun whooping bosses butt's. thank you so much
LogicalCake202 5 7월
I continue to use this mod package for Sekiro, and it is really a great help for alleviating some of the more annoying things in the game such as farming for divine confetti or snap seeds. The toggle feature on unlimited health is also a godsend for learning a new boss's mechanics without having to continually run back from an idol to retry. Great mod. Can't recommend enough.
Arthimea 3 7월
I am all to play the games without cheats, but this one really is not worth it. There is difficulty which is rewarding and difficulty which is kinda pointless. In this case the latter prevails. Things like pressing back turns your back to the enemy, no strafe keys, no proper jump control, character hidden behind walls in fights. The story and atmosphere would rightfully make Sekiro win a GOY award, but combat imho lacks a lot, and is pointlessly made very hard. A story mode would be the best addition to this game.
Texhnolyzing 25 6월
Needed to make sure the game was in offline mode first. Then after starting and loading in as my character, if I hit the hotkeys then it would work without any issues!
Dementian174 19 5월
This mod is the only way I would ever be able to fully enjoy this game. I am so so so happy I can now explore the world of Sekiro without constantly being upset and set back.
IcyHat139 29 4월
Hey, thanks IcyHat139. I suck at games and being able to get a little help, especially with games like Sekiro means the world to me. Thank you for being you.
SilentDolphin500 17 4월
Thank you for a working trainer. I love to experience game's story but I'm not a good player in hard games like Sekiro and Dark Souls, so I need a trainer very much. Thank you again.
Sunheavy 28 2월
Thank you for all of your hard work! I'm in the military (USAF: CSAR), so I don't have as much time to play games as I used to. The effort you put forth into making these trainers seriously helps me relax at the end of the day, as for some games I simply don't have the energy left after work to dedicate to learning and mastering them and their techniques. WeMod helps me be able to skip the tougher learning curves and still have fun playing games I want to play but simply wouldn't be able to in my current situation. It seriously means a lot that you and other developers work on programs like this!
QuickRiddle153 17 2월
WeMod is amazing allowing me to explore games that are usually far too hard for me to invest the time in and just enjoy the story. Thanks for all the hard work!!!!
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