PowerWash Simulatorチート

Trainerとチート Steam Xbox

ダウンロード Windows版をダウンロード 85 MB Windows PCでウェブサイトを開いてアプリをダウンロード
PowerWash Simulator


  • Max Water Pressure/Effectiveness
  • Max Cleaning Range
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Unlimited Highlight Dirt Duration
  • Unlimited Money
  • Money Multiplier

私たちのPowerWash SimulatorTrainerは6チート備え、SteamXboxをサポートしています。 WeModアプリを使って、このゲームやその他のゲームをチートしよう!


これらのチートは、PC Game Pass コレクションの一部です。


PowerWash Simulatorチートスクリーンショット スクリーンショット
デモビデオプレビュー ゲームプレイビデオ
Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7


私たちのコミュニティにいる世界中の何百万ものゲーマーの方々のおかげで、WeModはいつでも安全で無料です。 WeMod Proサブスクリプション購入者に支援されています。当社のレビューはTrustpilotでご確認ください。

PowerWash Simulatorでチートを使う方法は?
WeModは、PC上のすべてのゲームを安全に表示します。リストからゲームを開き、プレイを押すだけです。 ゲームが読み込まれてゲーム内に入ると、さまざまなチートを有効にできるようになります!
WeModは高度な技術を使用して、実行中のゲームのバージョンを検出し、対応しているかどうかをお知らせします。 そうでない場合でも、試してみるか、アップデートを要求するかの選択肢があります!


MelonCakey 3 3月
Easy cleaning works great for those levels with annoying little nooks and crannies. Would recommend just for that mod alone.
YourOrdinaryGamerGuy 12 2月
PowerWash Simulator is a very satisfying game. especially with these mods making the game itself easier to beat. It's an experience that is very enjoyable and very easy ;D
PeterinJapan 1 1月
Thanks! You got me to sign up for a year subscription. You literally have every game I could want in the system and that's super great.
WeModIsSoGood 26 9月
Thank you guys so much, you guys helped me out i appreciate you guys very much! keep on making these please.
Beastlierrose22 16 8月
Thanks man, people think cheats/mods make games boring and useless, but I just want to thank you for putting more life into games that wouldn't have it normally.
ISOUL22 1 8月
perfect for finishing the campaign if you have already done it with a friend and don't feel like doing it all again
LordDragonWolf 1 8月
Im a late convert to the Power Washing meta, but i am enjoying it...especially when i only need to spray for a few seconds to totally clean anything with the mods on here.
InnerMonkey138 22 5月
SyphonKusanagi 27 3月
The mod has helped with getting through some places where there were possible glitches or just very, very long levels.
BangtanOreo88 14 3月
I love the continuous dirt glow (sorry forgot what its called lol) it definitely helps when i'm stuck on 99% and cant find what got missed!! So thank you for saving me from the headache and frustration.
NeatBee215 2 3月
everything worked just fine...i only used the max pressure, range then tried easy clean...but all worked
HungryDolphin257 13 2月
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LostRabbit959 25 1月
Very pog,was able to just relax and play with out worrying about money, also helped me when the game felt bugged out and a wall was stuck on 1%, overall makes the game more relaxing to play, good job champ
Ascortify 5 12月
it was AMAZING with all the cheats becuse i was so long trying to get the best things and now i can thank you so much
BangtanOreo88 2 11月
Thank you! I was stuck for over an hour on a level on PowerWash Simulator trying to find the last spot i missed. This was perfect and had no issues.
ImplicitButton741 17 8月
Love it! Just as I was getting a bit bored with Pressure Washer sim, this has given it new life and made it more fun
TescoMealDeal244 4 8月
Very well made!! Well done, was weary of issues at first but was pleasantly surprised by this. Big props!!
Jomahawk2694 29 7月
I'll admit, it destroys the purpose of the game, but it was really fun to be able to stand in one spot and make the meter go up to 75 percent done lol. Nice work
SteadyTurkey188 16 7月
Thanks! I suppose the only thing that would make this mod better would be infinite soap supply, but necessarily money (since soap is so nerfed in the game). Either way, you saved me a few hours that could be better spent doing real work!
Abstraxxxt 9 6月
this cheat is the only reason i got powerwash sim very effective and fast to play really changed the experience