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Battlefield 4

12 Optionen

  • Unbegrenzte Gesundheit
  • Alle Waffen Freischalten
  • Position Speichern
  • Teleport
  • Unbegrenzte Fahrzeuggesundheit
  • Ein Treffer tötet
  • Unbegrenzte Munition & Gadgets
  • Kein Nachladen
  • Feuer-Rate
  • Schnellfeuer
  • Spielgeschwindigkeit
  • Spielgeschwindigkeit zurücksetzen

Unser Battlefield 4 Trainer hat over 12 Cheats und unterstützt PC, Steam, und Origin. Du kannst in diesem Spiel cheaten und mehr mit der WeMod App!

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Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7

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literal_excelso91 25 Okt
It works very well and it eases everything. Feels like having Flash's response time with the Bullet Time.
Obnotrix 23 Jun
It was a really great experience with the cheats they saved my life in hard times lol
HumbleCat654 30 Mai
Thanks for this app, can help me for fun, many players are using this to cheat others
KonjxrOnYT 10 Apr
Thanks, but the unlcok all weapons from crates dont work neither does any of the other stuff
koopa990 24 Feb
cheats works as expected, although the message said the versions does not match with the game
Bullfrogg0 8 Feb
worked like a charm, even tho it said it might not work with my current version (2-8-2022)
Akniser 9 Jan
thanks mod developer, i having fun. keep up good work bring smile to everyone
ArtisticCheese844 18 Sep
Thank you very much this program is amazing ,easy to use and very calming on the nerves .
literal_excelso91 13 Sep
Makes campaign really easy, I could spam a lot of C4s on the tanks in Shanghai!
AbsoluteKitten637 21 Jul
love the slomo feature it makes the game WAAAAY more cinematic love what you've done with this thanks.
Shubhyduby 20 Jul
Thank you I had a great experience which made me happy about the game. Love what you guys are doing
YaBoiBigfoot 13 Jul
It is a unique experience to play battlefield without feeling so vulnerable
-Rokko- 28 Jun
It worked just fine although unlimited ammo and no reload didnt seem to affect my game, i still saw the ammo count going down. Overall, i enjoyed it!
AbleStranger893 12 Jun
Works great and yet does not conflict with my security software. Unlike all the other trainers. A+
GrandPuppy313 10 Jun
Outstanding job! Keep up the good work as I know this took time to make.
ApexCode 20 Mai
Thanks guys for such an amazing application! I remember I used to have to buy magazines for cheat codes back in the day. This is the next best thing!
AcRonBunBun 18 Apr
love and miss the game thank you so i can see everything once more without dying :)
NeatFire874 7 Mär
everything worked perfect accept the god mode hope you will fix that issue
Barbz 18 Feb
It's brilliant, could with a select right playing system, ie Press Origin, pc or steam...
Sian-76 1 Feb
thanks!I love using this in singleplayer since I hate dying in games that have a story in them.. xD
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