Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughtsチート

Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughtsの無料MODとトレーナー、何千ものお気に入りのシングルプレイヤーPCゲーム - すべて1つの場所で。

ダウンロード Windows版をダウンロード 85 MB
ダウンロード Windows版をダウンロード 85 MB

Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughtsチート

Trainerとチート Steam

ダウンロード Windows版をダウンロード 85 MB
Trainerとチート Steam · 85mb
Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts
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  • 高速建築
  • 瞬時の研究
  • 即時造船所建設
  • 無反乱
  • ゴッドモード
  • 所持金 減らない
  • 無制限の海軍名声
  • 無制限の乗組員プール
  • 無限の弾薬
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私たちのUltimate Admiral: DreadnoughtsTrainerは9チート備え、Steamをサポートしています。 WeModアプリを使って、このゲームやその他のゲームをチートしよう!


Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughtsチートスクリーンショット スクリーンショット
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Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
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Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7


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Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughtsでチートを使う方法は?
WeModは、PC上のすべてのゲームを安全に表示します。リストからゲームを開き、プレイを押すだけです。 ゲームが読み込まれてゲーム内に入ると、さまざまなチートを有効にできるようになります!
WeModは高度な技術を使用して、実行中のゲームのバージョンを検出し、対応しているかどうかをお知らせします。 そうでない場合でも、試してみるか、アップデートを要求するかの選択肢があります!


CzarGopnik 23 3月
Great mods for the game maybe make it so unlimited money is higher because even with it on I cant build a fleet without going bankrupt or maybe its because I am making too large of ships
Jeslis 21 3月
Does what it says (Fast build, Instant Research, Instant shipyard Constr (to expand the shipyards). Unlimited money just gives 100bil, which is more than enough. Did not test others.
EmothicVonHellsing 11 3月
Streamlined, everything worked fine and correctly. No problems at all. Very good job.
BaronVonSwagger 10 3月
The new update somehow fixed the instant research mod. Everything else works as far as I know!
CuriousPancake96 9 3月
Working good so far. Probably need some more explanation on whether it's safe to leave the controls on before ending turn.
LogicalStick293 27 2月
thanks , would like to see instant research in selected techs only if that's possible but other than that it's all good !
Rgemini2010 17 2月
Every cheat works flawlessly on a game constantly being updated. Well done. Thank you
Kotyk-55 4 2月
Thanks! It works nice. If you will add something for the weight and cost in the ship builder it will be perfect!
RoyalModder783 11 1月
its great keep up the great work also can u make one for spotify to block their ads that would be pretty cool.
JohnnyZoltar 29 12月
works, the money thing needs help though. Needs to refresh every round to be effective.
AtomicDolphin856 19 12月
Thank you for keeping this running. Also, Unlimited Money requires you to look at the Finance page to get it to cycle to max money once.
MadEyee1 11 11月
Thanks MODs seem to be all working. Did not have any issues that effected game play.
mbbenson 4 8月
This works quite well as far as I can see! Thank you for the trainer. Feature request: Instant research, but only for focused techs--it can be fun to have 1 field very advanced (engines or radar, for example) without otherwise being significantly ahead of the opposition.
SillyPumpkin552 4 8月
Working on newest patch. Helped me understand the Army/Invasion modifier which was a mystery thanks to the gam dev not inc a tutorial. thank you!!!!!
MadEyee1 8 12月
Thanks helps learn how to play game with so many adjustments to get into actual game play.
FamousSky179 22 11月
i just got the game and the mod it s awesome thx for making this free for all players >)
AmericanBlitzkrieg 18 10月
Everything here worked really well, except for the instant research. With Instant Research enabled, I couldn't progress through the research tree, and whenever I turned it on after having it off for a few months, it would reset all of my progress and no other progress would be made.
StaticBanana792 21 7月
Thank you for updating the cheats. It allows to discover so much of how the game really works.
Firepaw14 10 7月
I thank you very much work work is very impressive and you do a great job keep it up!
ImprovedBerry545 15 2月
Thank you developers! you have allowed me to relax and not frustrate myself with games.

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