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theHunter: Call of the Wild

34 Optionen

  • Unbegrenzte Gesundheit
  • Unbegrenzte Ausdauer
  • Silent
  • Movement Speed Boost
  • Sofortige Fähigkeit-Abklingzeit
  • Unbegrenzte Munition
  • Kein Neuladen
  • No Sway
  • Freeze Animals
  • Disable Animal Detection
  • Animals ESP
  • Set ESP Color
  • Instant Animals Bleedout
  • Super Animals Weight
  • Super Animals Score
  • Add 1 Hour
  • Set Game Time
  • Save Current Location
  • Teleport Nearby Animals to Saved Location
  • Add 100K Cash
  • Add 1K XP
  • Add 1 Level
  • Add 1 Skill Point
  • Add 1 Perk Point
  • Add 1K Rifles XP
  • Add 1K Handguns XP
  • Add 1K Shotguns XP
  • Add 1K Bows XP
  • Unlimited Carry Weight
  • Geld zurücksetzen
  • Reset XP
  • Reset Level
  • Reset Skill Points
  • Reset Perk Points

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Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7

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IntenseKitten526 11 Apr
My husband wants to play this game with me, but I have no interest in leveling the character in order to join him, so this helps a lot xD Now I can do some game-time bonding with the husbo and not cry at how grindy the game is lol
BigBernan 1 Mär
vey solid everything is easy to use and the shortcuts are simple solid mod for singleplayer havent used any multipliersor anything of that sort but it runs smooth and lets me get to outposts faster so i dont need ot buythe 4 wheeler
RationalAcorn485 7 Feb
All the cheats save for the Silent cheat seem to work. It's really cool and convenient! So with the Silent cheat, it seems to act no differently than without it save for the icons that indicate being seen and for being heard show as if I am completely undetectable. I also use scent eliminators often. Also Animals ESP doesn't turn off? I wanted to see what that one meant and when I tried to turn it off, it made the sound like it did but animals still glowed thru obstacles.
DragonSim86 15 Jan
Love using this trainer it is fun and helps me get things on the map opened faster then it would without the movement speed boost. The unlimited carrying weight it amazing as well cause then I can carry more of the items I need without changing out all the time.
OptionalAlarm693 10 Jan
I have an older computer so walking/ running in CotW is about half the normal speed and would only go to regular speed if i looked directly up now i can crotch walk with speed boost to feel like i have a regular computer 10 out 10
iSqueezHoooters 27 Dez
I love this mod so much, i just switched to pc and lost all my cotw data from xbox so this is just amazing. I really appreciate what you guys are doing and i will continue to use your mods and recommend you to my friends. Thank you guys so much!!!!!!!
Phears 26 Dez
very good now i have a life don't need to spend a life time to get these upgrades for me its not cheating,,, the game is still wonderfull with grapics and yes thank you Wemod for your time and people doing this :)
AbleExpert276 14 Dez
I like Hunter: Call of the Wild. But this game often breaks down and the game is often out of sync. Wemod gives me a comfortable experience because it saves me a lot of time to repeat the same task (because the game is out of sync) I don’t like cheating. If this software provides cheating online competition games, I will be the first person to report, but now like me, I only play single-player games, even if cheating will not affect anyone, I like this software very much. Thank you.
joegibson0 25 Nov
I am using this, the steam trainer version on Epic's version and it is working seamlessly with zero problems. if you're playing this for the first time, it'll take a while to get to the main menu during loading but other than that. There was no problems. And since Epic is giving this game away for free, the addons are at reduced prices until 11/30
MobilePuppy913 27 Sep
Greetings: First time using your Mod (thehunter: CoTW). I had a corrupt file quite awhile back. I lost 14 levels and nearly $700,000 dollars. I have since regained the 14 levels, and tonight, added the 7K to my account with wemod. I explored the "Disable Animal Detection" and found that it seems to work quite well. I plan to explore a few other Mod abilities in the near future. Thank you.
UrthTorin 15 Sep
Thank You, After the Last Update (Patch/Fix) that E.W. Dropped to fix the Bugs with Rancho Del Arroyo, they inadvertently added a new Sound bug. Walking on a Paved Path gives you 3 White Bars of Noise, walking on short grass gives 1 Red Bar of Noise. So until E.W. Fixes their Mistake, the (Silent) Feature of this Mod / Trainer will more than Suffice so I can play and,,, Enjoy my time in the Game!
Flywulf1 22 Jul
great program But there is a couple of issues then Main one being IF you change ammo mid game you have to exit the game or it just stays at zero ammo. Also when crouching walk it is very jerky especially up an incline. Last main issue is jump sees your avatar leap about 100feet in the air !!!
Flywulf1 2 Jul
Great Wemod really im,proves the game and game play quality. It helps make it mor realistic as the games gun sway and animal detection is ridiculous.The cheat of fast travel although not realistic still really elevates game from a pain in the neck to verty enjoyable. The DEV Stingerr has done an awesome job
VortexFoxx 27 Jun
HAHAHHA i ran around the map for like 20 minutes with the mod enabled, and my game started FREAKING out and it turns out the animals didnt have a chance to spawn so when i turned off the speed EVERY SINGLE animal spawned in a very little area and everyting was so easy to kill! haha 10/10
Flywulf1 4 Jun
OK but there is a lot of bounce, of the play, when moving fastin any position.Really need a faster weapon load and aim function as by the time something loads and aims the game dies of old age or just wanders off hahaha
TalentedCheese863 13 Mär
Great mod, would love if you could mod trophy score though. Very simple to use compared to my diamond and rares mod which involves copy and pasting code and messing with game files, where as this one you just download and play.
irocubabe 9 Mär
All the cheats I used work though the speed cheat is a bit too fast i would love like a slider to control HOW much faster... it also seems to anger my mouse cause i have to disconnect and reconnect to get it to work right after using the speed cheat. <3 thanks for this great trainer :)
CheerfulHotkey990 2 Mär
Hey man, you did a really good job with this but there's just one thing I would like you to add (Actually a little more than one but this one stands out to me) do you think you could add night vision, either making it to where you can see tracks clearly without the headlamp or either making it to where it looks day but it's actually night. If you could do this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
WokeAlarm844 8 Feb
Thank you STINGER this mod has helped me so much. However, I would love for there to be some sort of thing where it auto highlights all animals near you and have no bullet drop or you can make a thing where it turns all animals into large diamonds. But, overall I have no issues except for a few crashes here and there.
ordanno 7 Feb
it works well the only thing wrong is that if you make it so animals dont detect you it stops them from going to their feed zones but all you have todo is wait for 5 minutes after setting it to the time you want without animal detection
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