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Forza Horizon 5

7 Optionen

  • Enable Credits Cheat
  • Set Credits
  • Freeze AI
  • Teleport to Waypoint
  • Instant Brake
  • Speed Boost
  • Faster Acceleration

Unser Forza Horizon 5 Trainer hat over 7 Cheats und unterstützt Xbox und Steam. Du kannst in diesem Spiel cheaten und mehr mit der WeMod App!

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Demo-Videovorschau Gameplay Video
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7

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HotEagle725 20 Jan
I used to not Be able to Afford the McLaren F1 GT, well the game crashed but who knows? Did I get it, Thanks just in case I did.
MobileZipper289 19 Jan
thank you.... was a good experience but FH5 crashed all of a sudden for the first time after WeMod update... plerase help me WeMod Team
CuriousGoat165 8 Jan
Credits exploit works very well. Thanks for making it so readily available through WeMod. Keep up the good work. ;)
JollyDuck955 24 Dez
Hey man, this exploit was really fun to use thank you so much for making it, I am an undergrad comp sci student who looks up to people like you who are able to code/program efficiently.
AshplosionGamer314 17 Dez
Thanks a lot! Hopefully you guys can develop more ways to go Pro, especially for those who has no access to a credit card.
AmbitiousOwl249 12 Dez
I think that you have done a great job and i feel if in like a bit away from a car i can do whatever i want your a real hero for me thank you
bmwmik320 10 Dez
Money cheat was just what I needed. Don't get much time to play so money grind for the more expensive cars was was a real pain. Thank you so much for this. Awesome.
RagingCambo 9 Dez
thank you so much this made the game more enjoyable as my life is more busy and i dont have to sit there and grind all day
JojanJoestar 5 Dez
Normally $$$$ mods are the one that entices me in these Racing games but you guys went ahead and included an Insta Brake, Boost & Faster Accelaration in too! I hope to see the same function/mod developed by you guys for future Forza titles. Keep up the good work!
KindSquirrel614 27 Nov
very nice. I like having access to the full game that I payed for. I'm not going online and racing with it and being malicious, i'm just designing cars.
EliseoOpsYT 25 Nov
this game is just fun with the money mods i like to flex to my brotherss abouthow much money and how many cars i have overall thank you to those at WeMod for making this possible
NovaSenpal 21 Nov
i love the mods there amazing keep it up!!!, i would say you could maybe add a speed boost and a faster acceleration slider so you can adjust them the way you want them! other wise there great!
GrandPopcorn930 20 Nov
Thank you so much for making this, i didn't really want to grind out the game and this really helped to just enjoy the game for what it is! I am for sure recommending this to my other friends!
stupididiot 14 Nov
thank you for doing this before they patched any of it also might just be me but the money thing wouldnt work for me i turned it on before i bought something
ChiefBranch653 13 Nov
really fun glitch like really the glitchyness made it super fun and flying around was so fun to see in forza love it
OfficialCheeseCake 13 Nov
So far I see no bugs as of right now. No glitches. Nothing broken at all. Though I tried just the Faster Acceleration on Horizon Life doing it on short burst's, I don't know if that matters or not but I'm going to see if anything happens. Anyways, I love this cheat guys, this is great. It's fast injection and lag-less experience makes gameplays easier than a lot of other cheats out there (personally learning from experience, having to turn left but completely makes me lose control every time lol *pain*) Great cheat guys, keep up the good work. My Stars to you folks: 5/5
Unstyled01 12 Nov
I like the credits cheat, it helped me be able to afford new cars so that I can tune them and find other good cars for the colossus race, a good car is the apollo (non dlc one, I don't remember the name) for grip.
Louisb21 10 Nov
Reading the reviews i was thinking this is not gonna work but i watched the video did it exactly has i saw in the video and it worked great job guys this mustve been hard because of the multiplayer aspect of the game
SpookyST 10 Nov
Works 100% fine. If you just do what WeMod recomendyou to do,you will have no problems with crashes/bans! Top notch!
LikelyRabbit429 10 Nov
Good Work on the mods they work well, just make sure that you have a good graphics card or you're gonna freeze when boosting.
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